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Finland and Vietnam cooperate to build Ho Chi Minh Smart City solutions

Finland and Vietnam cooperate to build Ho Chi Minh Smart City solutions

Vietnams Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City has long been on the path to developing smart city solutions to tackle urban issues. The city has struggled to come up with the right resources to build these solutions, signaling for help from the technology industry. This is due to issues stemming from rapid urbanization, infrastructure, healthcare, sustainability concerns, and more.

“Our cities and the way we work are changing as the rural-urban migration becomes a fact of life,” stated Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee President Nguyen Thien Nhan, at a recent conference assessing the future of smart cities in Vietnam.

HCM City must handle these issues by using advanced technology and open data networks. These would help to improve transport, healthcare, education, and the environment. Additionally, Smart City solutions would enhance the quality of life and economic competitiveness of HCM City.

It was announced late October that Finland would work with Vietnam to build smart city solutions for Ho Chi Minh City. This partnership is admirable as Finland is a growing hub for technological enterprise, and HCM City could use more support to attain their Smart City vision.

Jan Vapaavouri, Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs, recently visited Vietnam to strengthen ties between the two countries. He met with the People’s Committee Chariman and HCM City mayor Le Hoang Quan to discuss the potential for greater cooperation between the two.

Jan Vapaavouri relayed to his hosts that his country wants to help HCM City embark on its Smart City journey. He hopes that by working together, they can address urban issues relating to smart technology, smart transport, environmental sustainability, urban planning, clean water, and education.

Le Hoang Quan said that the metropolitan city showed potential for cooperation with Finland. He also noted that the Smart City development calls for expanded foreign investment in infrastructure initiatives.

The mayor stated that the local authorities are aiming to create the best conditions for Finnish enterprises to conduct business in Vietnam. 

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