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GPS-tracked helmets protect people and promote brands in Indonesia

Credit: e27

A start-up offers an innovative way for brands to advertise their products on helmets and at the same time rewards two-wheeler riders for every kilometre they cover.

According to a recent report, Helmad turns a safety tool people are obliged to wear in traffic into a moving billboard.

Started in 2018, the helmet is partly a new marketing channel and partly a social impact generator.

Aside from providing a platform in which brands can spread their message around town, Helmad, formed by combining the words helmet and ads, allows drivers to earn some cash and receive other incentives with it.

Interested drivers can sign up and get appointed to a certain client ad campaign. They will then receive a helmet with a built-in GPS tracker.

The helmets were designed together with the clients to guarantee that the marketing message remains on the headgear throughout the duration of the campaign.

The start-up will provide live updates on the progress and will offer continuous support to the client during the whole campaign.

At the end of each campaign, the helmet may be renewed or exchanged, in which drivers will get brand new ones.

An app will keep track of the drivers’ covered distance as well as their earnings.

Moving forward, Helmad will actively turn the app into a financial platform, wherein drivers may be guided on how to save and manage their money.

The driver receives insurance for 12 months upfront, whether they get assigned to a campaign of one month or three months. This allows them to get acquainted with insurance coverage.

The start-up is focusing on bigger brands since their marketing budget fits with its business model. It is currently pitching to some of the key players that are active in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta.

However, the company is not restricted to big brands alone. The beauty of the system is that it can be scaled down easily and be interesting and affordable for smaller businesses as well.

Based on the findings of Statista, a market research portal, the total advertising spending in Indonesia reached US$ 2.36 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to US$ 3.23 billion in 2019.

The figures include online advertising streams such as desktop or laptop, mobile and other internet-connected devices, and offline advertising mediums such as directories, magazines, newspapers, out-of-home, radio and TV.

Around 29% – 30% of the total ad spending market is the projected market share for Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. This translates to US$ 93.3 million.

While Indonesia has always been the target market, the company is not opposed to exploring neighbouring markets.

In fact, they have already sat down with a party from Vietnam to discover the opportunities there, since it has a booming economy. Soon after, more countries like the Philippines can and should follow.

It will be another dream come true, but for now, there is a need to deliver in Indonesia first.

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