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HK car parks to benefit from novel smart parking solution

An incubatee at the Hong Kong Smart Government Innovation Lab recently announced that their latest solution is now ready to be acquired by companies and institutions.

Solution description

With the development and general application of Video Analytics Technology, smart parking solutions are not bound only to License Plate Recognition and Ticketless functions anymore.

The following systems and features of the solution are also designed by the company to cater to the growing needs of its clients, deriving from the application of Video Analytics Technology:

  1. Auto-Classification of Vehicle Type for fee-calculation or restriction: the solution can detect the car type, brand and model for different rate structures. It eliminates the need for a separate ticket unit for lorries and is especially suitable for car parks with loading bays and private car bays.
  2. Dynamic Rate Structure on Bay Location: Different rates can be applied for bays at different locations via video monitoring cameras. Drivers, who are willing to pay more or are in a rush, can park at bays with better locations at higher rates. Thus, bay allocations can be more efficiently managed.
  3. Bay-Counting function for Motorcycles: Motorcyclists can be informed of the floors with the most spaces on entry. Until recently, this function was, technically, almost unachievable with just sensors for detection in the past.
  4. Outdoor Parking Space Monitoring/Counting: This feature helps achieve the function of Bay Guidance for outdoor car parks. It is much more cost-effective than installing a sensor on every single bay for detection.
  5. Loading Bay Barrier-less Monitoring and Charging Function: this feature helps to overcome the general pain point of installing a barrier system for a loading bay for rate calculation and payment.
  6. Smart Bay Guidance Signage for EV Cars: EV Cars can be directed to the nearest and available bays with EV chargers, highly reducing congestion issues in car parks as well as enhancing user experiences and convenience.
  7. Mobile Parking Fee Payment via License Plate or Octopus Number: The issues of insufficient remaining values for Octopus Cards at the exit are reduced. This greatly eases the issue of queues at the exit. Vehicles with no outstanding payment can be allowed to leave by detection of the License Plate.

The service pledges for this solution include:

  1. 98% or above for License Plate Recognition Accuracy Rate
  2. Provisions of two LPR/Video Cameras per lane at different locations
  3. Expertise in camera location selection
  4. Provision of progressive training on OCR engine and Deep Learning capability
  5. Provision of high-quality preventive maintenance service to the system

Application Areas

The solution can be applied across the areas of City Management, Development, Population and Transport.

Technologies Used

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Technologies and Video Analytics are the technologies employed in the solution.

Use Case

Benefits of the solution include:

  1. Higher throughput rate for car parks
  2. Less congestion and queue at entrances and exits
  3. Effective and fair allocation of car park spaces for public
  4. Greater automation enables for more efficient management of manpower
  5. All-rounded Car Park Management Level
  6. Allows remote control of multiple car parks at a centralized location
  7. Higher public experience and convenience levels
  8. Integration with other Smart Solutions
  9. Data generation for further analysis of service improvement
  10. More environmentally friendly with fewer requirements on mechanical devices and cables
  11. Suitable for environments with different conditions
  12. In-line development with market trend
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