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HK govt looking to automate electronic applications

The Smart Government Innovation Lab (the Lab) has announced that it is looking for start-ups, SMEs or other companies that can provide I&T solutions pertaining to the automation of the validation and assessment process of electronic applications.

Business Needs/Challenges

The existing workflow of handling electronic applications of a public service involves a number of manual processes, such as validating the received data against specific sources of the Internet, searching for relevant market information from various websites to support application assessments, and inputting the collected information into the system in a pre-defined format.

These manual processes are repetitive, time-consuming and prone to error. Thus, the department wants to make use of Information Technology to automate the manual processes for improvement of process accuracy and operational efficiency.

Application Areas

The aim is for the solutions to be applicable to the areas of Commerce and Industry as well as Law and Security.

Expected Outcomes

With the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and other technologies, the IT solution should be able to automate the processes of validation and assessment of electronic applications accurately and efficiently and minimise the human effort required.

Technologies to be used

The solution must employ Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing as well as Robotic Process Automation.

Smart City solutions

The Lab is constantly working to develop smart city solutions for Hong Kong, in line with governmental goals.

For example, OpenGov Asia recently reported that the Lab has announced the release of LiDAR and Optical Sensing applications for Smart City.

The technology is described as a customizable LiDAR solution for 3D geometric structure acquisition that can be deployed in different public service applications including but not limited to digital archiving, object monitoring, smart city development, and management.

Areas of application include City Management, Climate and Weather, Development, environment initiatives, Housing and Infrastructure development, Law and Security, Population monitoring, Transport, as well as in Heritage Conservation.

The technologies used by the venture are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Mobile Technologies, Predictive Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Reality and Drones.

About the Smart Government Innovation Lab

In 2018, the Government established the Smart Government Innovation Lab to explore hi-tech products such as AI and relevant technologies, including machine learning, big data analytics, cognitive systems and intelligent agent, as well as blockchain and robotics from firms, especially local start-ups.

The Lab is always on the lookout for innovation and technology (I&T) solutions that are conducive to enhancing public services or their operational effectiveness.

I&T suppliers are encouraged to regularly visit the Lab’s website to check on the current business and operational needs in public service delivery, and propose innovative solutions or product suggestions to address them.

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