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HK Unveils I&T Development Blueprint

The Government of Hong Kong announced the release of the Hong Kong Innovation & Technology (I&T) Development Blueprint to establish a clear development path and formulate systematic strategic planning for I&T development over the next five to 10 years.

The Secretary for Innovation, Technology & Industry announced details pertaining to the blueprint at a press conference this afternoon, noting that it is a systematic and comprehensive document for Hong Kong’s I&T development put forward by the Government after many years.

The government will take forward the blueprint under four broad development directions. It aims to enhance the I&T ecosystem and promote new industrialisation in Hong Kong; enlarge the I&T talent pool to create a strong impetus for growth; promote digital economy development and develop Hong Kong into a smart city and proactively integrate into the overall development of the country and consolidate the city’s role as a bridge connecting the Mainland and the world.

As such, the blueprint sets out eight major strategies under the four broad development directions. These are:

  • Strategy 1: To enhance the I&T ecosystem and promote interactive development of the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.
  • Strategy 2: To promote technology industry development and achieve “new industrialisation” in Hong Kong.
  • Strategy 3: To diversify venture financing channels and support the development of start-ups and industries.
  • Strategy 4: To promote I&T culture for all and enhance the overall I&T atmosphere in the community.
  • Strategy 5: To enrich I&T talent resources and develop an international talent hub.
  • Strategy 6: To accelerate the development of the digital economy and smart city to enhance citizens’ quality of life.
  • Strategy 7: To deepen I&T cooperation with the Mainland for better integration into the overall national development.
  • Strategy 8: To leverage Hong Kong’s advantages as an international city to foster global I&T collaboration.

The government will also set up the new Committee on Innovation & Technology Industry Development to advise on strategic development issues under the blueprint, with a view to enhancing the cooperation among stakeholders and reviewing the progress of the blueprint’s implementation.

The committee, which will be chaired by the Secretary for Innovation, Technology & Industry, will replace the existing Committee on Innovation, Technology & Re-industrialisation. The membership will be announced later.

To push the I&T development in Hong Kong, this Development Blueprint aims to set out the four broad development directions, formulate the eight major strategies, and devise specific development targets at different stages. Measurable reference indicators are also put forth to help review the development progress.

The hope is to continuously listen to the opinions of different sectors of society, enabling the government to develop suitable policies and support measures. Together, Hong Kong will be led to realise its vision as an international I&T centre.

The next five to ten years will be a crucial period for the I&T development in Hong Kong. Bearing in mind that there is no time to lose, the HKSAR Government will assume the main responsibility for providing policy steer. It will collaborate with stakeholders in the industry, academic and research sectors to leverage Hong Kong’s advantages as an international city under “One Country, Two Systems”, capitalise on the unprecedented I&T opportunities brought about by the national development, implement the major strategies and recommendations as set out in the Development Blueprint, and develop Hong Kong into an international I&T centre with worldwide acclaim. Together, the aim is to open a new chapter for more remarkable I&T development in Hong Kong.


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