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HKU Business School and Business Partner to Nurture Local Talent

Image Credits: HKU, Press Release

The HKU Business School announced that it has partnered with a global organisation of independent professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services (the company). The new partnership aims to develop talent in the fields of accounting and business analytics. The partnership is an extension of an existing collaboration established in 2018, as demonstrated by the signing of a second Memorandum of Understanding.

The Dean of HKU Business School and the Managing Partner of Hong Kong company signed the MoU with the signatures witnessed by the Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate), the Assistant Dean (Taught Postgraduate), the Programme Director of Master of Accounting (MAcct), the Programme Director of Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSc (BA)); a Partner, Head of Private Enterprise of Hong Kong at the company; the Head of Audit – Advanced Manufacturing, Hong Kong at the company; a Partner, Audit at the firm; and a Partner, Head of Chinese Banks, Hong Kong at the firm.

The MoU aims to provide professional training to students of HKU Business School’s MAcct and MSc (BA) Programmes. Through activities such as internships, seminars, industry projects and mentorship, students will acquire knowledge of accounting and data analytics and valuable experience that will be crucially needed in the fast-changing global economy.

The Dean of HKU Business School stated that the University is happy to be partnering with the company again, as there is a shared goal of developing talent. Through this partnership, students will be offered professional training and practical experience in real-world settings.

In the past few years, over 300 students from the two programs have benefited from this collaboration, which has had a significant impact on their career prospects and personal growth. The partnership with the company is believed to continue to cultivate top-notch business leaders for Hong Kong and beyond, further enriching the talent pool of the region.

The Managing Partner of the Hong Kong company stated that people are the most valuable asset for the community, while the next generation is the driving force of economic growth. Through renewed collaboration with the HKU Business School, the company aims to develop business talent who can take on evolving roles and drive positive change in the world, ultimately increasing their impact on society.

For example, the new generation of accountants goes beyond traditional accounting to shape the future of business by bringing problem-solving skills and critical thinking together. Alongside quality education, the internship and cross-border opportunities we offer are the vital elements to make the above transformation possible.

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