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Hong Kong Government making plans to establish a Pilot Partnership Programme for Cyber Security Information Sharing

Today, Hong Kong’s Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) announced its plans to launch an initiative to:

(a) establish a Pilot Partnership Programme for Cyber Security Information Sharing through a Coordinating Party responsible for engaging and promoting the stakeholders to collaborate in sharing cyber security information such as cyber threat intelligence, risk and vulnerability, mitigation measures and best practices, etc. among organisations, businesses, academia and individuals; and

(b) develop and implement a community-based members-driven Cyber Threat Information Sharing Platform that would facilitate effective and efficient information flow across public and private sectors, and in the community

The objective of the initiative is to foster a collaborative culture of sharing cybersecurity information early with peers; helping each other when in need; and jointly guard against massive cyber attacks with a view to enhancing the overall cyber resilience of Hong Kong.

Submission of RFI response

Interested respondents can obtain more information about the RFI here and submit the RFI response using the RFI document which can be found here. Respondents are also welcome to submit any other information they consider relevant to the exercise.

The deadline for the submission of RFI responses is November 3 2017, 12pm (HK Time).

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