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Hong Kong leaders meet to share ideas for the Smart City

ASTRI, Press Release

According to a recent press release, Hong Kong’s largest applied research and development centre, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) is known for its mission to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology-based industries through applied research.

Thus, to realise it’s mission, the Institute hosted the ASTRI Technovation Summit 2018 that brought together over 30 thought leaders and experts from Government agencies, the research community and the industry.

Aimed at exploring ideas and sharing experiences on a smart future for our city empowered by AI, the Summit attracted over 400 experts, entrepreneurs and top-level executives from across the industry to explore opportunities in driving a smart, innovation-led Hong Kong.

In his opening remarks, the Secretary for Innovation and Technology said that AI is an important technology area unlocking a whole new world of potential and Hong Kong definitely has an edge in developing AI.

It was noted that the group is working to build the research cluster ‘AIR@InnoHK’ which focuses on AI and robotics technologies in Hong Kong Science Park.

Full support will continue to be rendered under the Innovation and Technology Fund to finance applied R&D projects on AI. The Government will also lead by example by adopting AI to improve public services.

With the concerted efforts of the industry, academia, R&D centres and the Government, it was noted that Hong Kong would be playing a crucial role in developing more AI applications to bring a better life for its citizens in the future.

Acknowledging the important role played by ASTRI and its partners in the industry,  the ASTRI Board Chairman said that Artificial Intelligence and connectivity solutions offer unprecedented opportunities for Hong Kong to innovate solutions, facilitate growth and development, and inspire the entire ecosystem of Hong Kong’s technology sector.

The day-long summit featured seven keynote presentations and five-panel discussions. Speakers included various government officials. In his presentation, the Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI shared the experience and insights from ASTRI’s innovation journey, and the role it plays in supporting Hong Kong’s I&T and Smart City development endeavours.

A panel discussion was conducted and was focused on applications of AI and next-generation communications technologies across a wide variety of sectors, such as ‘smart government’, ‘smart mobility’, ‘cybersecurity’ and ‘smart manufacturing’.

The panellists represented public sector institutions and government departments like the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, and the Hong Kong Police Force.

Various academic and private sectors were also represented.

The Summit wrapped up with a panel discussion by former ASTRI members – ASTRIANs – who left the Institute but continue to contribute to the advancement of I&T either from other organisations or through their own ventures.

The ‘ASTRIANs: Brightest Minds, Powerful Impacts’ session covered how innovative ideas incubated in ASTRI turned into inspirational ‘Made in Hong Kong success’ stories.

The ASTRI Alumni Network – or ASTRIAN – is an important initiative that bridges ASTRI and its current team with alumni members, seeking to maximise the support offered to past and present team members while also leveraging the collective professional strength of the alumni community.

ASTRI Technovation Summit 2018 sought to facilitate meaningful dialogues and impactful collaborations for Hong Kong’s advancement in the I&T sector and its overall Smart City development.

The Summit’s speakers unanimously called for more traction in AI-based research and active commercialisation of smart technologies in Hong Kong, predicting robust economic development and improved quality of residents’ lives.

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