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Housing and Development Board wins Singapore Energy Award 2015

Housing and Development Board wins Singapore Energy Award 2015

Agencies are starting to proactively invest in more sustainable solutions to make more efficient use of energy resources. It is clear that solar panel testing and implementation is being boosted by the Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives.

It is no wonder why the government housing body has capitalized so heavily in these technologies, to become one of the greatest influencers towards embracing green solutions in the public sector.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) was awarded with the Singapore Energy Award 2015 at the Singapore International Energy Week 2015, held in late October. It is the first government organisation to ever receive the honor.

In receiving the award, HDB is recognised for its work in deploying solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. HDB is the largest stakeholder of solar PV systems across the island.

“HDB is honoured to be the first government organisation to receive the Singapore Energy Award. This is a strong affirmation of HDB’s commitment to build capabilities in solar PV technology, which is key to our goal to create sustainable HDB towns. HDB will endeavour to bring such innovation to more towns so that our residents can enjoy cleaner and greener energy,” stated Mr Sng Cheng Keh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Building), HDB.

Since 2008, HDB has harnessed the power of solar technology to provide greater sustainability through the Solar Capability Building Programme and Solar Leasing Model. They first started test bedding projects in Serangoon and Wellington.

This led to the expansion of testing to HDB precincts by 2009 through the Solar Capability Building Programme. Soon enough, in 2011, the designing, financing, installation, operation, and maintainance was taken over by private firms.

About 400 HDB blocks across Singapore will have solar panels installed by the end of the year. These panels capture solar energy to power lifts, common area lighting, and pumps throughout the blocks.

HDB’s next target will be to reach 350 MWp of solar energy by the year 2020. The agency plans to install 220MWp of solar panels across 5,500 HDB blocks. It is an aspiring goal to reach but since the agency signed a consolidated tender through the SolarNova programme, solar panel deployment will be sped up.

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