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New Zealand Housing Dashboard Tracks Progress of NZ Government’s Housing Programme

New Zealand Housing Dashboard

The New Zealand Government’s Housing Dashboard, which was released recently, confirms record numbers of state houses are under construction and shows the Government build programme is gaining momentum.

New Zealand Housing Dashboard

  • According to a recent press release, the commitment to deliver a monthly dashboard of housing measures that will show New Zealanders how they are able to track was made when the KiwiBuild programme was reset.
  • The Housing Dashboard sets the baseline for the Government build programme. It is a single place to track progress of key parts of the Government’s housing programme.
  • The dashboard aims to demonstrate what people are experiencing by tracking how many families have bought their first home, how many households are in public housing, and how many new homes are being built.
  • It will show the results being achieved in housing and will be updated and produced monthly.
  • The dashboard tracks aspects of the current housing situation, the government outputs in response, and the results of those.
  • The Housing Dashboard does not replace the Public Housing Quarterly Report, Regional Factsheets, or the Public Housing Monthly Report, which are on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development website.
  • The Government housing programme dashboard is published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, using publicly available information from various government agencies and partners.

Available Information and Trends of New Zealand Housing Dashboard

The September 2019 dashboard shows the latest facts on housing progress across the housing system. The information showed that:

  1. 3,402 homes under construction in the Government build programme across New Zealand
  2. 80 new public houses built, and over 2,300 currently under construction
  3. 1,340 homes were bought using the First Home Grant
  4. 61 KiwiBuild homes sold, driven by demand for the popular Monark and Fraser Ave developments coming to market
  5. 967 households are engaged in Housing First

There are over 2300 public houses currently being built. Data shows that there is a year on year increase in the number of consents issued with 35,658 in the last 12 months. That’s an increase of 8.8% over last year.

It was explained at the time of the reset that some statistics will not always improve month on month and these will be shown upfront in the monthly dashboard.

Overall, good progress is being made with the Government build programme. They are gathering momentum but still have a lot left to do concerning housing issues.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) leads New Zealand’s housing and urban development work programme.

They are responsible for strategy, policy, funding, monitoring and regulation of New Zealand’s housing and urban development system.

They are tasked to do the following:

  1. Address homelessness
  2. Increase public and private housing supply
  3. Modernise rental laws and rental standards
  4. Increase access to affordable housing, for people to rent and buy
  5. Support quality urban development and thriving communities
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