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How Magic Video, A Fastest Growing Video Platform, Improves UX Through Application Acceleration?

Imagine Magic Video, a fastest-growing fictional video platform in the United States that lets customers create and share videos.

Magic Video started small with a 50,000 user-base. After investing heavily in its video platform product, the user base increased to more than 300,000 within a year, and up to 500,000 monthly active users in just two years.

With growth, comes challenges for a company. User experience is extremely critical for Magic Video. Some users started experiencing latency and stopped using the application. Also, Magic Video faced increased competition, which led to a dip in its bottom line.

Eventually, Magic Video developed aggressive expansion plans and sought out a reliable technology partner to help the company accelerate content delivery and maximize bandwidth – enabling users to access its website and application without any type of delay.

This whitepaper describes:

  • Challenges that Magic Video faced before implementing Alibaba Cloud’s solutions
  • How Alibaba Cloud’s solutions help Magic Video build a global hybrid enterprise network, accelerate content delivery of the application, and maximize bandwidth?


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