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Indonesia Added Features in PeduliLindung App

Image credits: dto.kemkes.go.id

The PeduliLindung web check-in feature is officially launched by Indonesia’s Ministry of Health (Kemenkes). This makes it easier for people to check in to public places using the www.pedulilindungi.id website, which can be accessed via a mobile phone browser.

“We have added a QR code scan feature on the www.pedulilindungi.id website site which can be used as an alternative for the public to check in within public spaces,” said Chief of DTO of the Ministry of Health, Setiaji.

He further stated that the web check-in feature is available to meet the demands of people who are unable to use programmes owing to device or memory limits. As a result, using the app to check in at public places is problematic. The objective is that this new feature will encourage users to be disciplined in checking in to public places to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Setiaji also advised users who can install the application to use the many features of the PeduliLindung application in carrying out their everyday tasks and keeping active. He stated that PeduliLindung is currently transitioning into a public health application, which would in the future show several other health characteristics outside those relating to COVID-19.

After 12 hours, check-out can be done manually or automatically. The user will then be prompted to log back in before proceeding with the next check-in activity. However, there are still restrictions to using this web check-in, such as the lack of a group check-in feature, offline check-in, or the ability to delete check-in history like PeduliLindungi on the mobile application version.

PeduliLindungi received the title of The Best Government Collaboration for Pandemic Solution in the 2022 Indonesia Brand Forum (IBF) award, which raised the topic ‘Brand Collab Champion – Winning Thru Coopetition Not Competition’ due to its success in creating collaborations to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

PeduliLindung is one of five IBF Special Award winners for 2022. This was accomplished after selecting the 30 most successful collaborator brands from a pool of more than 100 in Indonesia. The PeduliLindung application has worked with several parties to deliver extensive COVID-19-related functionality. Such as telemedicine services, online doctor consultations, identifying travellers’ vaccination status, international immunisation certificates, and scanning QR codes while checking in at public places.

Along with the current trend of reducing positive COVID-19 cases, Setiaji acknowledged the work and contribution of PeduliLindung partners. The partnership that has occurred thus far has undeniably aided the government in combating the pandemic.

Setiaji hopes that collaboration with existing partners will continue and even increase during the current transition time so that PeduliLindung can eventually become a public health application that not only combats COVID-19 but also provides other health services.

PeduliLindungi has garnered three awards in 2022, including the IBF Special Award. Having previously received the title of ‘GDI Best’ at the Ministry of Trade’s Good Design Indonesia (GDI) 2022 event in July, as well as representing Indonesia at the 66th Good Design Award (G-Mark) in Japan.

Setiaji expresses gratitude to all PeduliLindung partners who have been willing to actively work to assist the government in accelerating its pandemic response. Since its inception in 2020, PeduliLindungi has cooperated with more than a hundred government agency partners, both domestically and internationally, to serve a variety of private parties in Indonesia.

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