How Seniors Cope with Technology in Singapore

A smartphone is everyone’s gateway to information, management, and improvement of health, hence, the Singapore Institute of Technology assists the nation in digitally pushing and adapting mobile technology for elderly citizens.

Indonesia Shows Off Innovative Defence Technology

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communication and Information Technology hosts a workshop on digital diplomacy for leaders in the Pacific, Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense displays its modern defence equipment.

Singapore Opens Research Centre on Sustainable Urban Farming

NUS’ Research Centre on Sustainable Urban Farming explores high-tech solutions to increase Singapore’s food security; brings together plant and food scientists, engineers, and computer scientists to develop novel urban farming solutions.

5G Services in More Indonesian Regions

The government acknowledged its partners for launching 5G services which will help in the G20 Summit, speed up the country’s digital transformation and drive post-COVID-19 recovery.

Thailand Boosts Digital Collaboration

The nation is strengthening its digital ties with other countries in the fields of information, communication and digital technology to sustain and grow an ecosystem for transformative innovation.

Singapore’s 5th Cultural Heritage Walk Turns VR

Singapore’s 5th cultural heritage walk takes students on a virtual tour of the country’s cultural landmarks, while the North-West Community Development Council helps young people make their green ideas come to life.

New Method for Quantifying Radiation Damage

Researchers have devised a more thorough method for identifying atomic-level structural damage in materials that could allow the continued operation of carbon-free nuclear power plants and reduce global warming.