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Indonesia Addressing Online Drug Trade

The National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) worked with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to oversee illegal drug sales and investigate illegal drug dealing on the dark web. To support the endeavour, both agencies elaborate on the e-Mindik application 2.0.

Golose hopes that in the future, all investigative administration exercises, from revealing narcotics cases, and money laundering, to uncovering cases in 2022, will be able to use the BNN’s e-Mindik application, allowing for the realisation of an Information Technology-based Integrated Criminal Justice System that is incorporated with ministries or other organisations.

“BNN has completed the construction and development of the BNN e-Mindik application version 2.0, which is one of the supporting components of the electronic-based government system (SPBE) authorised in the national strategy programme for eradicating corruption to promote the incorporation of the criminal justice system, which is applied through the expansion of a Judicial System database. Integrated Crime Based on Information Technology (SPPT-TI), “Pol. Petrus Reinhard Golose, Head of BNN Komjen, said in Jakarta.

The collaboration is an attempt to carry out the duties and functions of imposing the country’s defence and security sector in digital space, one of which is by using electronic certificates to speed up distribution while preserving the security of information related to cross-institutional narcotics cases.

Meanwhile, BNN and the BSSN signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on using electronic certificates to strengthen cyber security resilience. Hinsa Siburian, the head of BSSN, imparted information about the amount of danger of security threats that have risen in tandem with the level of use of information and communication technology.

“It needs an adaptable and sophisticated cyber security effort to defend all layers of the cyber world, including the information assets stored therein, from cyber threats and attacks of both technical and behavioural character,” Hinsa explained.

Hinsa also emphasises information about the amount of risk of security hazards that has developed in tandem with the level of use of information and communication technology. As a result, authorities must engage in an adaptive and inventive cyber security effort to defend all layers of cyberspace, including the information assets housed within, from cyber threats and attacks of both technical and social character.

Hinsa stated that social cyber-attacks use manufactured information to target ideas, choices, opinions, emotions, behaviour, opinions, and motivations to modify the way of thinking, belief systems, and human behaviour. The BSSN Cyber Threat Intelligence Team conducts cybersecurity patrols/monitoring on the dark web for unlawful operations, such as data theft, drug purchasing and selling, and sexual offences.

Aside from that, the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) undertook competency testing activities to improve the agency’s ability to deal with cyber security threats. The BSSN Human Resources Development Centre (Pusbang SDM) in Depok, West Java, offers three certification programmes (Security Operation Centre, Information Security Auditor Assistant, and Junior Penetration Test).

According to Muhammad Iqro, Director of BSSN Cybersecurity and Password Human Resource Policy, human resource professional certification is highly essential since it is a form of acknowledgement of competence in cybersecurity within the national scope. The competencies become a critical component in understanding parts of information and communication technology, which is essential to anticipating the dynamics of the global and regional strategic environments, which evolve at a rapid and competitive pace.

Ikro noted that one of BSSN’s measures towards satisfying cyber and cypher security human resources effectively and efficiently was to construct a certification infrastructure in the cyber and cypher security sector by establishing the BSSN Professional Certification Agency (LSP).

Ikro believes that the BSSN HR who participate in the qualification test activities may mould and create LSP BSSN graduates with the work capabilities required in cybersecurity and receive national and international recognition for their competencies.

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