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Indonesia Expects Equitable 5G Implementation by 2025

The government and cellular operator operators have implemented 5G technology commercially since 2021. The implementation of 5G telecommunications networks will hopefully be evenly distributed by 2025. The government examines the experience of implementing 4G which takes about six to seven years and continues to develop in Indonesia until now. So, 5G will likely be faster than that, the time since it will be implemented in 2021.

The keyword is in time, on time and on target which is always an issue and discussion, both from the ministry or government and regulators with operators. If the implementation of 5G is fast, it means that Indonesia will most likely bear the learning costs of a 5G technology. However, on the other hand, if it is too slow, it will only become a market for not being able to participate and become the host in their own country. So the implementation of 5G is a necessity, but we must adjust the rhythm and timing so that the implementation is truly productive for the benefit of the nation and state.

– Ismail, Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Informatics

5G telecommunications network is an evolution of technology and has become a necessity. So that in the era of digital transformation, nothing can stem the development of 5G technology itself. Technology developments, especially those that are global, such as 5G, will certainly come to all countries, including Indonesia. Indonesia’s position is also very clear that 5G is an alternative solution to enhance and accelerate the digital transformation process in Indonesia.

5G development gives a different feel. When Indonesia migrated from 3G to 4G technology, most of the issues were only a matter of speed. Indonesia’s most dominant issue when we move from 3G to 4G is to improve user experience, increase the speed of data information transformation or connection via the internet using mobile broadband technology. But the development from 4G to 5G is somewhat different because 5G provides a broader nuance than just a user experience issue.

5G technology has many advantages in addition to data speed, such as the speed of information transformation with very low latency. 5G is also able to handle a very large number of devices and the capabilities of 5G make the nuances of the development of 4G into 5G wider than just a matter of user experience. Here, some problems or opportunities exist in this case is to take advantage of the low latency capability.

Another benefit of 5G technology that has become an issue today is the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which is then translated in the form of Metaverse. The development of this new technology adapts to the development of 5G. 5G in Indonesia is indeed an alternative technology that we need to prepare well. Indonesia does not want to implement 5G when the country’s conditions are not ready, but Indonesia also does not want to be left behind from the widespread implementation of 5G which has been developed and implemented in many developed countries.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, the Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate stated that the Government is preparing 4G as the backbone and 5G experience during the motorbike racing. This is part of the support for the telecommunications infrastructure sector to make the Mandalika 2022 motorbike racing sporting a success. In fact, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics has also increased bandwidth and prepared a 5G showcase.

Meanwhile, one telecommunications operator will also show a 5G case with fixed wireless access technology and immersive extended reality in the form of virtual racing. There will be a lot of 5G that will be placed in Mandalika for the experience using virtual reality that can be witnessed later. In essence, the cooperation between the Ministry and cellular operators as well as fibre optic operators is continuously coordinated.

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