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Indonesian university prepares for the coming of 5G tech

Photo Credit: Bandung Institute of Technology

Communications technology is evolving with the times. Today’s world, including Indonesia, is already utilising 4G technology for communication activities.

However, the world is already developing a more sophisticated communications tech and that is 5G technology.

Indonesia, together with the rest of the world, should truly prepare for its emergence in order to maximise its benefits.

In line with this, the Bandung Institute of Technology’s School of Electrical Engineering recently held a seminar that focuses on 5G technology.

The event invited speakers from the government, academia and industry to shed light on the technology.

At the same time, it aimed to establish collaboration and energy that will welcome the presence of the said technology in the future.

Preparing for 5G technology

According to a recent press release, Indonesia must prepare itself for the changes that 5G technology will bring and everyone should be involved.

During the event, predictions about having Internet of Things (IoT) technology that will utilise 5G connection arose.

The purpose of the event was to gather stakeholders, especially from the government. Having representatives from the government is critical as they will be the ones responsible for creating policies regarding the new tech.

The University’s Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Partnership opened the seminar by sharing that they already have a special team in place, who are preparing for the arrival of 5G in the country.

The importance of starting the research on the technology early, before its actual arrival, was highlighted.

The University has coordinated with several groups that include government and industry to discuss the possibility of creating 5G-based domestic products.

Rather than being a mere market for the 5G technology, Indonesia wants to contribute directly to it.

Studies should be made as to what can be contributed by the country to the development of 5G products and devices.

This is a task that several institutions should look into and the University is doing its part by becoming one of the first to do so.

Electrical Engineering Days

The seminar on 5G coincided with the 2019 Electrical Engineering Days event at the University. It showcased the final assignments of the students.

There were 28 exhibition stands on display showcasing the innovative products that the public can enjoy.

Students demonstrated their products. They explained their tools and the problems that their tools aimed to solve.

On its 8th year, the exhibits presented during the event covered various technologies. These include:

  1. Defence equipment
  2. Tech that help people drive
  3. Health
  4. E-commerce
  5. Laboratory equipment


As reported, one of the tools displayed was Robograss, which is an automatic weed exterminator that is controlled remotely with a laptop through Wi-Fi.

It uses laser technology to cut the weed. Users have the option to choose which grass will be removed by looking at the images sent to the laptop by the robot.

This tool aims to improve the soccer fields in Indonesia, which usually takes a janitor a long time to finish manually.

Future improvements on the device include increasing the distance between the robot and the controller as well as changes on the control system.

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