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Interactive media will change the game for NZ’s digital economy

New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) had supported the release of a report that highlights interactive media as one of the fastest growing parts of the country’s digital economy.

According to a recent press release, Interactive Aotearoa – Driving Growth and Wellbeing through Interactive Media discovered that interactive media is a NZ$ 143 million industry.

Produced by an association that grows game development in New Zealand, the report looks at the social, educational and economic benefits of interactive media such as games, apps, simulations and virtual reality.

Interactive media

During its recent launch, Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford shared that the sector is experiencing strong growth and has huge future potential.

The opportunities in interactive media are significant and the Government wants to see the sector continue to strengthen and grow.

Whether it is through game development, digital story-telling, augmented reality, education technology or health applications, interactive media is one of the fastest growing parts of the digital economy both here and around the world.

In addition, it fits the profile of the kind of industries the country needs to foster to achieve a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy: low emission, export driven and scalable.

Moreover, it also offers a range of social and cultural benefits in fields like health and education.

A new, sector-led approach to growing industry innovation and boosting productivity was announced by the Government in July with a focus on creating Industry Transformation Plans (ITP) for different sectors.

The Interactive Aotearoa report will help shape a future ITP for the creative industries sector.

The report

It is exciting to see how the industry has developed in New Zealand. The last six years has seen the sector grow by 39% annually to become a NZ$143 million industry, with a number of companies already shining.

Furthermore, 93% New Zealand video game revenues are pure digital exports.

The report is a useful summary of the potential this sector offers to the economy and the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

It explained that as the nature of work changes at a remarkable speed, two things are proving to be vital to success: technological innovation and creativity.

The interactive media sector is one of the best examples of this combination and its success is reflective of this.

In the MBIE Chief Executive’s foreword, she highlighted that the Ministry recognises that success for this sector is success for New Zealand as a whole.

The sector offers high-value jobs, diversifies and grows the economy, and develops skills vital to success in tomorrow’s workplace.

The Government is looking forward to continuing discussions with the interactive media sector on how its future potential can best be realised.

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