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Legal consultations made convenient with new app

An application that matches potential clients with lawyers for legal consultations has been launched, according to a recent report.

The LexMeet app offers real-time online consultation on their video chat platform where clients can directly ask questions and receive legal advice.

Clients can register for free after downloading the app.

Similar to a ride-sharing app, wherein a client is matched with the nearest driver, LexMeet matches the client’s legal problem with the lawyer’s expertise, location and language.

The app will match the legal concern of the client with a specialist on that matter. Before the scheduled consultation, the lawyers are informed of their client’s legal problem and are given the time to review their documents.

Clients should submit inquiries, objectives, documents and other relevant information related to their legal concern through the app’s sign-up forms.

Credits are automatically paid to the lawyer after the meeting ends, with a rate of US$ 0.66 (PHP 35) per minute. The minimum amount loaded on the app should be US$ 9.45 (PHP 500).

Credits can be purchased through several methods such as Paypal, Dragonpay, Coins.Ph, and soon through Google Pay.

Currently, the platform has 250 lawyers who cater to 7,500 clients.

According to the President and CEO of LexMeet, the app aims to address affordability, convenience, security in seeking legal services.

The app primarily caters to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), small medium enterprises (SMEs), and foreign investors.

The Philippines have more than 10.23 million migrant workers scattered all over the world.

With Filipino diaspora, there is a demand for legal services for the legal issues left behind by the migrant workers such as marriage, support and custody issues, inheritance, and investments, among others.

Moreover, the country has several SMEs that are in need of legal guidance from lawyers.

The main reason why the company established a primary hub of e-lawyering is the lack of online facility that helps the Filipinos in solving their legal problems.

This is an avenue for them to gain access to lawyers.

As reported, strict confidentiality is observed during the consultations. The clients are advised to take down notes as the consultations done on the app are not recorded.

The Former Solicitor General thought that this legal consultation app has a lot of potential in bridging the gap between the lawyers and the clients.

Hopefully, this will provide greater accessibility for legal services as well as help in lowering its cost.

OFWs shared that lack of lawyers abroad is one of their problems. In cases they do find one, they encounter issues with communication and language barriers.

The app is claimed to be the first and only app of its kind where lawyers and clients meet online. More importantly, it is an app invented by a Filipino to help fellow Filipinos wherever in the world they may be.

Although the appeal of this technology is already a given with the younger generation of lawyers, older lawyers may eventually realise the value of using such technology in their profession.

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