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Malaysia keeping cyber threats in check

Cybersecurity threats are being continuously monitored and kept under check in Malaysia, so there is no need for the public to feel anxious over the matter, according to the Chief Executive Officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM).

He said, however, all Internet users should take responsibility for protecting themselves and increase their awareness about such threats.

CSM offers various cybersecurity services in the ‘responsive’ and ‘preventive’ context to prevent data leakage and protect data security through the strengthening of ICT security systems. This is to help strengthen or protect data security.

CSM also has a Cyber999 Help Centre where in the event an incident occurs, users can report to us via email or by calling the hotline. The CEO added that CSM also works closely with the Department of Personal Data Protection in the context of protecting the people’s data.

The CSM CEO made these remarks during a live programme with Communications and Multimedia Minister discussing cyber threats while was live-streamed on a few local channels.

The Hacker activist group Anonymous Malaysia recently threatened to hack government websites in a 55-second video clip that went viral on social media and claimed that the Malaysian security system was low, and this could allow hackers to gain access to users’ personal data and sell it online.

On 29 January 2021, the group posted another 3-minute-17-second video, claiming that scammers had been cheating the public via email, phone calls and social media since 2015 following a data breach.

Meanwhile, the Chief Strategy Officer of a tech firm in Cyberjaya said cyber threats could be as, or even more serious than the COVID-19 pandemic, as it could also lead to people losing their lives and businesses, besides impacting the economy.

According to another article, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) member states have emphasised the importance of strengthening cybersecurity mechanisms as part of the efforts to advance digital connectivity in the region, the Communications and Multimedia Minister said.

The Minister, who chaired the inaugural Asean Digital Ministers’ Meeting (ADGMIN1), said this includes the need to strengthen laws and regulations to guarantee safety and security of data connection and to curb the exploitation of children and women in the cyberspace as well as cyberbullying.

It was noted that strengthening cybersecurity is also one of the key components of the Asean Digital Masterplan 2025, which is contained in one of its eight Desired Outcome.

Malaysia is ready to share its expertise on cybersecurity with Asean member states through its Global Accreditation Cybersecurity Education Scheme, the Minister said.

“We have this agency under my ministry called the CyberSecurity Malaysia and they have organised a couple of activities with Asean member states and there is one particular programme called Global Accreditation Cybersecurity Education Scheme. This is a programme about certification in building capacity of cybersecurity managers and professionals,” he said.

The Minister also said it is important to strengthen cybersecurity within Asean and the Prime Minister also put a lot of emphasis on this matter in his keynote address during the opening ceremony of ADGMIN1.

The Minister also noted that bringing the internet connectivity to the rural areas is a challenge faced by most of the Asean member states due to its geographical factors.

“But I can see from the discussions, each and every member state are very committed and putting a lot of money into this investment,” he said.

On another development, Saifuddin noted that as a whole, Asean member states had made tremendous advancement in digital connectivity although every member state measures digital speed and connectivity in their respective countries differently.

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