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Motorbike-hailing and delivery services launched in Thailand

According to a recent report, a ride-hailing app developed by a technology startup based in Indonesia that specialises in ride-hailing and logistics developed for the Thai market has launched beta motorbike-hailing and on-demand delivery services in the kingdom’s capital, where it will compete directly with its regional rival.

Users in Thailand can now download the app to their smartphones or other smart devices. The driver app has been available for download since last month and has clocked more than 1,000 downloads so far, according to the company.

According to a spokesperson for the company the app recently launched a limited beta testing phase in Bangkok, covering Chatuchak, Lad Proa, Wang Thong Lang, Bang Rak, and Sathorn.

It was also noted that users in these specific areas can try out an early iteration of the motorcycle taxi-booking and delivery services. This is the process the team in Thailand is using to get feedback and fine-tune the app ahead of its soft launch within the next few weeks.

The start-up identified Thailand as one of its first overseas target markets, alongside Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines, in May 2018.

The following month, it revealed that it would be operating its ride-hailing services in Thailand and Vietnam under localized brands. Its Vietnamese brand launched in Ho Chi Minh City in August 2018, marking the start-ups first expansion outside of its home market.

The company claims that this Vietnam version of its app had cornered over a third of the city’s motorbike-hailing market within six weeks of going live.

The start-ups Singapore service launched in beta last month, albeit under its house brand.

The Indonesian company – which is reportedly about to close a US$2 billion funding round – is facing obstacles to its rollout in the Philippines, where the local transport regulator placed a moratorium on accrediting new ride-hailing firms in August 2018.

Back in August, when it was announced that the start-up would be set up in Thailand, the company had said it would focus on developing a ride-hailing offering first, before expanding into a broader range of services in the future.

According to the Startup Thailand website, the launch of the start-up was part of its international expansion plan.

The brand was developed in Thailand and benefits from a Thai founding management team with extensive experience in the tech industry and in-depth knowledge of Thai consumers, drivers and other stakeholders.

It aims to become an indispensable part of life in Thailand, making life easier for Thai consumers, while also providing partner drivers and local entrepreneurs with access to additional income sources.

In August, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder said that the startup was the first homegrown unicorn in Indonesia because it believed technology could provide a solution to some of the country’s most challenging problems.

He’d noted that the start-up’s team was inspired by the way the company turned the pains of everyday commuters into a business opportunity that improved life for millions of people.

He noted that the start-ups team members are Thais, born and raised in Thailand and, thus, have a deep understanding of Thai consumer needs, and having worked in the tech industry for a number of years, they had seen first-hand the positive impact technology can bring to everyone, whether consumers, drivers or SME owners.

He had noted that with the start-up’s support in technology and know-how, the team was confident they could scale up quickly and become Thailand’s preferred choice.

As a Thai application that benefits from world-class technology, the start-up strives to become an essential part of life in Thailand. The company is currently engaging with multiple stakeholder groups including government, drivers and consumers as it aims to launch its product offering in the next few months.

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