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Northern Territory Government to establish Cyber Security Operations Centre

Northern Territory Government to establish Cyber Security Operations Centre

The Northern Territory (NT) Government in Australia has announced an investment
of A$1.5 million over three years as part of Budget 2018 to strengthen NT
Government's cyber security capability.

The press release states that the funding is in response to
the escalating cyber threat environment and supporting the new NT Government
Cyber Security Governance Framework. It aims to ensure that sensitive citizen
data is protected and government services are not disrupted through cyber-crime.

Treasurer, Nicole Manison said that as part of Budget 2018, A$1.5
million will be invested over the next three years and A$850,000 ongoing to
strengthen cyber security protection.

A Cyber Security Operations Centre will be established to
provide a centralised base for cyber analysts, engineers and forensic
specialist staff to collaborate on preventative measures and respond to cyber

The Centre will monitor agency ICT systems to identify a
possible cyber-attack or intrusion, determine if it is a real and malicious
threat, and consider potential business impact.

The key focus will be on risk mitigation. Recognising the
face that preventing successful cyber-attacks requires a community of
cyber-aware, vigilant users, cyber security awareness programs will be
contemporised, digitised and expanded both within government and to broader
audiences, including vulnerable user groups such as seniors and Aboriginal
Territorians, along with community sectors that may not realise their risks
such as youth and local small businesses.

Ms Manison said, “Every single Territorian, no matter where
they live, deserves to be and feel safe, to have access to high quality

“This investment will enhance security controls to
government's ICT network, establish a Cyber Security Operations Centre and
improve cyber security awareness across government and the community”

“With cyber-crime and attacks an ever-present threat to our
privacy, security and financial bottom-line, cyber security is now one of the
most critical strategic issues for organisations globally. While digital
connectivity is vital for government's business, the escalating threat of cyber
intrusion, with the potential to compromise or steal information or disrupt
services, presents a significant and increasing business risk,” Ms Manison

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