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Northern Territory government to launch new COVID check-in app

The Northern Territory Government is releasing a new app to help local businesses and organisations with the new COVID-safe check-in system that begins from next week. The Territory Check In app means venues who are required to start collecting visitor information won’t have to set up their own system. It is a contactless, secure and simple way for customers and visitors to sign in to establishments, using a QR Code.

All venues that have a registered COVID Safety Plan will also be automatically registered for The Territory Check In app and will be sent their own QR Code to be displayed from 30 November 2020.

When individuals arrive at a location and scan the QR Code, their details will be securely stored by NT Health for 28 days, to ensure contact tracing can occur quickly and effectively if it is required. Customer information will only be accessed if required for contact tracing.

Territorians and visitors will only need to supply their personal details once upon registration for the app, and a member of a party can also check-in friends and family who might not have their own device. Every participating venue will have a unique QR Code and scanning the Code will automatically register the date and time of the visit.

The Territory Check In is free to use and will be available via the Apple App Store or Google Play for Territorians to download and register from 30 November 2020. The Northern Territory Government is using the same platform as the ACT Government.

From 30 November, a new Chief Health Officer direction will require establishments with COVID Safety Plans to review their plans every six months and appoint a COVID Safety Supervisor from their team. Information for Supervisors will be available online in the coming days.

Specific businesses and organisations will be required to use a COVID-safe check-in system – such as The Territory Check In – to record contact details of visitors to their venue if they intend to stay for longer than 15 minutes. Venues that already record the required visitor information do not need to implement a new system or change their current system.

For those that do need to implement a new system, The Territory Check In app is not the compulsory platform. NT Health and the Territory’s Small Business Champions will continue to work with local venues to make sure they have a system in place that works best for them.

The Chief Minister stated that the region is entering a new phase in this crisis, with more people coming and going to and from the Territory, so it makes sense to add this extra layer of protection, to stay extra safe. The Territory Check In app is a fast and hassle-free way for Territorians to stay safe, and Territory businesses and organisation to keep on top of their COVID-safe requirements. The aim is to make life easier, not harder, for Territory businesses.

It was also noted that Territorians know how important it is to support local businesses, and this app should give everyone some extra confidence to back local, buy local and make sure the Territory continues to be Australia’s comeback capital.

The Health Minister stated that the government is proud of how well local businesses have managed to stay open and stay safe during this crisis. Everyone has a role to play, and business-like hospitality and tourism operators have been eager to be part of the solution in keeping the Territory as safe as possible. This app should remove some of the stress from implementing the new directions that come into effect from next week. With the addition of this new app, they will be ready to hit the ground running.

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