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NUS-ISS Unveils New Facility and More Initiatives to Grow Singapore’s Digital Talent

The National University of Singapore’s Institute of Systems Science (NUS-ISS) recently introduced new buildings and initiatives to strengthen the digital skills pipeline in Singapore and beyond. The agency’s signature investment for the next generation of digital talent, according to NUS-ISS CEO Mr Khoong Chan Meng, is this expansion and change. “We intended our new facility to be a beacon on campus, attracting and enticing industry experts to come to NUS-ISS and experience the thrill of learning. We look forward to welcoming more learners and organisations to our new facility and embarking on a journey with them to help them achieve their digital excellence goals.”

Completed over two years, the revitalised NUS-ISS building provides an inspiring, adaptable and innovative setting that is ideal for learning, practice cooperation and social networking. The buildings are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to assist learners and educators in implementing hybrid and blended learning strategies.

NUS-ISS has trained over 157,000 professionals, managers, and executives from over 8,000 organisations in the public and commercial sectors since its foundation in 1981. This year, the Institute celebrates its 40th anniversary by reaffirming its commitment to assisting industry partners in their digital transformation efforts. NUS-ISS will do so through a variety of new projects that will draw on its experience in establishing essential digital competencies.

Moving forward, NUS-ISS will focus on forging comprehensive collaborations with businesses, trade groups, and professional bodies to strengthen and sustain digital capacities in many industries. NUS-ISS is aiding these partners in a variety of ways, including internships, project collaboration, talent acquisition and retention, career development activities, consulting, and research, in addition to training and upskilling.

NUS-ISS will also co-invest and cooperate with its industry partners to assist them to establish and run their digital academies, based on the NUS-ISS operating model, to help them develop organic digital skills.

Industry personnel must build dynamic digital skills more synergistically as the working environment undergoes a paradigm shift, through holistic, just-in-time learning. NUS-ISS uses a unique approach of numerous learning pathways and blended learning to ensure that upskilling is a lifelong process that may take place at any time and in any location. The Institute is collaborating with new channel partners and facilitating new modes of delivery to reach more learners in Singapore and throughout the world, to make its programmes more widely accessible and scalable. NUS-ISS provides an open platform for collaboration to assist our learning organisations to climb the next curve of digital excellence, from stackable to certifiable routes, online to face-to-face interactions, and formal to social learning.

“Since its inception in 1981, NUS-ISS has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to enhancing the digital competencies of our workforce, thereby aiding Singapore’s economic growth and transformation,” Minister Chan said. “I hope NUS-ISS continued success as it continues to pave the way for our people and businesses to be future-ready.”

Professor Tan Eng Chye, President of NUS, stated that the NUS-ISS has progressed tremendously over the years, adapting to changing workforce and industry needs and generating digital talent for Singapore.

OpenGov Asia reported the official opening of a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS&AI) Lab was recently announced with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). Singapore’s IT manufacturer and Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) collaborated to enhance local DS&AI education, empowering students with the tech tools and skills needed to inspire a brighter future.

The Lab will put together the IT firm’s cutting-edge deep-learning technology with NTU’s global strengths in artificial intelligence and data science, allowing local data scientists and AI experts to pioneer the development of meaningful AI solutions in important industries.

“Singapore aspires to be amongst leaders in developing and deploying scalable impactful AI solutions in high-value sectors. Entering the next phase of growth, it is imperative to build a strong bench of multidisciplinary talent to meet the needs of the industry,” affirmed Senior Vice President and Head Operations, Semiconductors of the IT company. “This partnership between aims to nurture next-generation tech leaders will contribute to this effort, creating good economic opportunities for Singaporeans,” he then added.

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