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Online Education – Innovative Learning Opportunity for Wider Community

University of Adelaide Online Education

A new partnership with a learning company will allow the University of Adelaide to educate thousands of additional students online over the next five years.

As reported, the new five-year partnership represents a major initiative in online education for the University as it will see the delivery of a suite of educational programs.

Boosting Online Education

It will, therefore, attract several thousand online learners by the University’s 150th year in 2024.

From its earliest days, the University has valued excellence and inclusion.

The new strategic plan, Future Making, has now challenged the University to provide innovative, 21st-century education to a growing community of learners.

The ‘online campus’ does not replace the University of Adelaide’s rich campus experience but augments it by drawing in new students who might otherwise not have studied here.

This will broaden the reach of the University’s education, especially in those areas where it excels and will position the University as a leader in modern learning.

Who are Involved?

The company is delighted to be partnering with such an established and highly regarded institution like the University in order to provide a high-quality online education to new students.

During the partnership, they will collaborate on program design, development and delivery.

The University will be providing academic oversight, content and expertise while the company will be contributing its experience at supporting online students.

The programs and services that support students from their initial inquiry through to their successful completion will be designed to meet their specific needs while maintaining a distinctively ‘Adelaidean’ feel.

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Research shows that the main reasons online learners choose this mode of study are the following:
  1. The flexibility of online delivery
  2. The accelerated nature of the program
  3. The ability to work and study at the same time
  • Moreover, they learned that the average age of Australian online students is 39 years. More than 57% work full-time, 63% are trying online study for the first time, and 46% live interstate or overseas.
  • Over the coming years, the suite of online programs will ensure that the University further embraces a diversity of students, coming from different age groups, distance, and regardless of their work or family commitments.

Supporting Key Strategies

  • The portfolio of online programs over the next five years will align with the University’s industry engagement priorities, which in turn support the key strategic priorities for South Australia.
  • This will help guarantee that the University is contributing strongly to upskilling and reskilling the current workforce, providing thousands of people with the opportunity to access a world-class education of special relevance to the future needs of the society.
  • A perfect example of a program that feeds directly into the new world of work is the new Graduate Diploma in Data Science.
  • All aspects of everyone’s lives are being reshaped by data, which is crossing into every industry imaginable.
  • Knowing how to use data has rapidly become a highly valued skill that can be applied in any workplace.
  • The increased flexibility of online education pathways helps make ongoing learning more accessible for those who might otherwise not undertake studies.
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