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Online portal to expedite business application process

An official from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) shared that an online system, in compliance with RA 11032: Ease of Doing Business Act, is being developed.

According to a recent report, the online system would expedite the application process for business registration.

DICT Undersecretary Denis Villorente explained that in terms of business portal, its initial functionality is for registering a business in order to operate a business entity.

It usually takes several days before someone goes from the idea of starting a business to actually implementing it.

About the online portal

He added that the law mandates the Department to create a Central Business Portal, which would serve as a system to receive applications and data involving business-related transactions.

This will include primary and secondary licenses, business clearances, permits, certificates or authorizations issued by local government units (LGUs).

Additionally, it may also provide links to the online registration or application systems established by national government agencies.

The system would allow the user to simply file the application one time, detailing all the information about the business, and will be processed by all the government agencies involved.

Doing so will facilitate the application process and will reduce the time to start a business.

The DICT will coordinate with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) to lay out the mechanism for the portal’s implementation.

Furthermore, the DICT will also establish and manage an online-based Philippine Business Data Bank.

This will grant government agencies and LGUs access to data and information of registered business entities in order to verify their validity, existence, and other pertinent and relevant information.

About the RA 11032: Ease of Doing Business Act

RA 11032: Ease of Doing Business Act was signed into Law by President Rodrigo Duterte in May of 2018.

The law aims to reduce red tape and expedite business and non-business related transactions in the government.

Under the law, simple transactions of business entities with the government should be processed within three days, seven days for more substantial transactions, and 20 days for highly technical transactions.

Taking advantage of digitalisation

In other news, a senior consultant of the Department urged the public to take advantage of technological breakthroughs in various ways amidst the fast-changing digital landscape across the world.

During an ICT Conference, the former DICT Undersecretary called to some 400 participants from the LGUs, the academe, key stakeholders, partners and other relevant national government agencies.

He explained that digital technology has affected and impacted the education system, work, and the way people live and do business. It has affected almost every aspect of everyone’s lives.

About the ICT Conference

The conference with the theme, “See ICT Differently: Infostructure, Big Data, and Application”, was done in support of the DICT initiative.

It sought to revisit the ways in which people use 21st century trends, such as big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing.

It also aimed to drive for research and development initiatives to further frame the understanding and use of ICT in the country.

The power is in the hands of the people, in order to prepare for what will happen 50 years from now. People should go out and learn digital technology.

Other topics that were touched on during the forum include:

  1. Digital parenting – challenges and approaches
  2. Data privacy – why it matters and how to protect it
  3. Digital jobs – the future of people and business
  4. Understanding public key infrastructure and national government portal.

Breakout sessions were also included in the one-day conference. These dealt with the following:

  1. Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System
  2. Free Wi-Fi Access in Public Places Project
  3. Tech4ED Project
  4. Start-up Awareness Program.

The conference stressed the need to keep an open mind in accepting possibilities as well as changing the way people look at things.

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