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Over Half of Ha Noi Smartphone Users Install National Unified COVID-19 App

Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

As of 25 October, over 3.6 million out of 6.6 million smartphone users in the capital city downloaded the app, which was developed to replace Bluezone, the previous contact tracing platform, and is still in its beta phase. The Hoang Mai, Cau Giay, Ha Dong, Dong Da, and Nam Tu Liem districts have reported the highest rates. Additionally, the municipal authorities are applying QR code scanning via the PC-Covid app to manage health registrations and the information of people entering public places.

As per reports, the national unified COVID-19 prevention and control app PC-Covid Vietnam was made available on the iOS’ App Store and Android’s Google Play Store for smartphones in both English and Vietnamese on 30 September. PC-Covid is the single app for all COVID-19 prevention and control activities in the country after Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh ordered relevant authorities to consolidate many separate apps for vaccine certificates, travel permits, health declaration, and contact tracing into one following public complaints of inconvenience.

It has been added with all functions of the previously-launched apps such as VHD, Bluezone, and NCOVI. PC-Covid provides a “COVID-19 card” to users who have fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or recovered from COVID-19, enabling them to travel and join social activities in the new normal period. A QR code included in the app will serve as a single personal code used in all apps and platforms related to pandemic prevention and control. However, the app will not replace the electronic health records app, which serves the long-term overall medical activities of users and not just for COVID-19.

The government has been effective at managing the COVID-19 pandemic and its health responses have been aided and accelerated by digital platforms and applications. Last month, the Help Me! Project was launched to connect IT engineers and over 150 volunteers in Vietnam and around the world to support Vietnamese people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was created under the National Technology Centre for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

As OpenGov Asia earlier reported, the project not only responds to people’s need for prompt support and advice but also pioneers applying technology to connect people who can help with those who need help. The volunteers can provide support around the clock. Bringing into full play the time and expertise of consulting volunteers across Vietnam will significantly reduce the load on the national health system in general, as well as medical facilities in pandemic-hit areas, in particular. The project called on volunteers who are doctors, medical professionals of all specialities and ages across the country to join its work.

Government healthcare management agencies use tracking technologies to control the transmission of the virus, and apps to alert people about their exposure to people infected. Edge technologies have facilitated healthcare solutions. The pandemic has significantly pushed up digital spending at most enterprises and other entities to accelerate digital transformation even though overall business spending has fallen. In fact, enterprises based in Ho Chi Minh City’s Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) reported they continued to add new customers and markets despite the COVID-19 crisis in the country. In the first six months of the year, their combined revenues increased by 5.8%.

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