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Pune, India Spreads Cyber Awareness

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) in Pune recently organised a conference on cyber awareness. It is a part of the Cyber Awareness Week being observed by CBI nationwide. According to a press release, various senior officers from government organisations, public sector undertakings (PSUs), and banks attended the conference as delegates. The five-hour conference evoked positive responses from all the participants, who shared their experiences with cybercrime and emphasised the need for cyber safety and security and to organise interactive cyber awareness conferences frequently.

Further, on the occasion, CBI Pune undertook other activities to spread awareness, including displaying banners in the CBI offices and prominent public and educational places. At the event, the Head of the Branch of CBI Pune stated that cyber awareness is increasingly important in this digital era where the Internet, mobile phones, and social media platforms are becoming integral parts of daily life. He also talked about the resulting incidental increase in cybercrime and about the steps taken by CBI to enhance cyber awareness among stakeholders and the general public.

During the conference, four speakers delivered their lectures on topics related to cybercrimes and cyber safety and security. During a session on the nature and challenges of cybercrime and the role of mobile devices, an expert emphasised the need for cooperation among all government departments who must follow the three Cs: cooperation, coordination, and collaboration. He also stressed the need for quicker response times when dealing with cybercrime cases.

A cybercrime investigation expert delivered a lecture on the latest cell phone technology in crime and cyber safety. He demonstrated how mobile phones can be hacked and data can be compromised. He also explained how smartphone users create digital footprints and are therefore always vulnerable to cybercrimes. He outlined several Dos and Don’ts and tips on how to safely use mobile phones.

An officer held a session on cybersecurity for the common man and shared his experience while working at the Cyber Police Station. He demonstrated the legal and practical difficulties regarding cybercrimes. An industry expert delivered a lecture on technology crimes and strategies for protection. He talked about the fundamentals of data storage and how data, once created, cannot be destroyed at any point in time, which makes users vulnerable to abuse by cybercriminals.

Earlier this month, the Pune-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) launched a security handbook for women and children to protect themselves from cyber threats. It has also developed a wireless communication network and an android-based mobile device to secure the smartphone ecosystem. The TETRA communication network is based on TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology for critical communications. The mobile device helps the users identify security and privacy misconfigurations and provides advisories related to locking the device, password protection, and notification settings to avoid leakage of OTPs. It makes the user’s device a better platform for mobile governance, e-commerce, and mobile payments, among others. It is available for free download on app stores.

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