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QR Codes for All Anti-COVID Apps, Technological Platforms in Vietnam

Implementing the government’s Resolution 78, which was released earlier in July, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) have agreed to deploy an electronic medical declaration platform and check people’s information management with QR codes. Every citizen will be granted a personal QR code for all anti-pandemic apps and platforms.

Earlier in August, at a meeting with the Ministry of Public Security, MoH, and MIC, MIC said it had begun building the platform on managing and granting QR codes, which will be used for all anti-pandemic platforms and apps (QRQG Platform). The ministries discussed the usage of software to watch the movement of citizens in pandemic zones and manage vaccinations based on the national population database.

According to a press release, MIC on 11 September released a decision on guidance on the technical requirements for the personal QR code display module on anti-pandemic platforms and apps (version 1.1). The document stipulates technical requirements for the personal QR code display module and guides the granting and use of personal QR codes on platforms and apps. Each personal code can be used to read and trace relevant data to serve COVID-19 prevention and control.

The platforms and apps must satisfy the requirements shown in the document. They also have to comply with Regulation 733 dated 13 May 2020 of the National Steering Committee on COVID Prevention and Control on medical record management declared by people on software. It is expected that cities and provinces will loosen the lockdown and put some parts of the society back to a new normal. To keep the situation stable, the application of technological solutions, including QR code scanning, will be at the core.

People going to public places will have to scan their QR codes. Offices, businesses, shops, and service providing points, when reopening, must ensure entry/exit supervision with QR code scanning. The MIC’s guidance to display and use one personal QR code for all platforms and apps will create favourable conditions for every citizen and organization when implementing operations to prevent and control COVID-19. A representative of the Technological Centre for COVID-19 Prevention and Control said the platform to manage and grant personal QR codes is ready, but more time is needed for the apps to connect and synchronise data.

The same organisation had earlier launched the Help Me! Project to connect IT engineers and over 150 volunteers in Vietnam and around the world to support Vietnamese people affected by the pandemic. The project not only responds to people’s need for prompt support and advice but also pioneers applying technology to connect people who can help with those who need help, OpenGov Asia had reported. The volunteers can provide support around the clock. Bringing into full play the time and expertise of consulting volunteers across Vietnam will significantly reduce the load on the national health system in general, as well as medical facilities in pandemic-hit areas, in particular. The project is still calling on volunteers who are doctors, medical professionals of all specialities and ages across the country to join its work.

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