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Singapore Police Force harnesses technology to improve road traffic accident investigations

Investigation Officers from the Traffic Police of the Singapore Police Force and Crime Scene Specialists from HTX Singapore’s Home Team Science & Technology Agency are using innovative technology devices to carry out proper documentation of road traffic accident scenes, and provide critical information and valuable insights for investigations.

Technology devices that complement officers’ investigations

One device they are using is a terrestrial 3D scanner. It can be operated by a single officer at night or in bright daylight to scan the scene of the traffic accident in minutes, depending on the scale of the accident.

Terrestrial 3d Scanner

It can do this by projecting a laser beam within its line of sight onto the surface of objects, creating a comprehensive virtual model of the scene, along with proper documentation of measurements and spatial positioning of key evidence which are critical to the investigation work by the Investigation Officers subsequently.

Data collected can also be used for the purpose of reconstructing traffic accidents. Stakeholders involved in the investigation can therefore revisit the accident scene multiple times thereafter, without disrupting traffic flow.

Technology aids investigation efficency


The handheld 3D scanner is a lightweight and portable device that allows Crime Scene Specialists officers to document tight and confined spaces. Used mainly in instances where greater details of a specific area of interest are required, the scans generated complement those from the terrestrial 3D scanner, piecing together more comprehensive information for investigations.

Operated by a single Crime Scene Specialist, the terrestrial and handheld 3D scanners enable efficient documentation and better analyses, augmenting the capabilities of Investigation Officers from the Traffic Police during road traffic accident investigations.

With traffic accidents usually occurring at high-traffic volume locations under punishing conditions, it is crucial for the accident scene to be processed quickly so as to return it to normalcy as soon as possible. The terrestrial and handheld 3D scanners from HTX are technological devices that enable officers to process the scenes more efficiently without compromising on accuracy, or the safety of officers at the scene.



Photo Credit: www.mot.gov.sg

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