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Smart City Technical Training for Indonesians

Indonesia Smart City Technical Training

The Human Resource Research and Development Agency of Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information recently held a Smart City Technical Training for selected State Civil Apparatus, who came from 6 districts, 2 cities and one ministry.

According to a recent press release, the goal of the training was to support the implementation of the Movement Towards 100 Smart Cities in Indonesia.

Background of the Initiative

As explained by Basuki Yusuf Iskandar, the Head of the Human Resources Research and Development Agency, the Movement Towards 100 Smart Cities is a joint program of several government agencies.

These agencies are the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Bappenas and the Presidential Staff Office.

It aims to guide districts and cities in their formulation of a Smart City Masterplan in order for them to further maximise the use of technology.

Technology can be used in improving community services as well as accelerating the potential that exists in each region.

The Head furthered that a city can be described as a smart city if it is complete with basic infrastructure and has a transportation system that is more efficient and integrated. Having this increases the mobility of the people.

In addition, the concept of a smart city also creates an increase in the quality of community life. Homes and buildings can be turned into energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, which use renewable energy resources.

The Smart City Technical Training

The first batch of training, which was held from 25 to 29 November 2019, was attended by 30 participants.

These participants came from Magetan, Bima, Batang Hari, Lebak, South Nias, Sangihe Islands, Malang City, Solok, and the Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration.

Aside from BPPTIK Cikarang, the training participants had also conducted a study visit to Bandung Smart City.

By doing that, the trainees were given the opportunity to learn that a smart city not only deals with implementing technology but also thinks of smart ways to manage a city.

Because the district and city governments showed high enthusiasm in participating in the event, future trainings will be expanded and will become a routine agenda for the Communication and Information Center Training Center.

The training for this smart city was made possible by using the Incentive Fund Human Resource Development Information, which was received by the Training Center in August 2019.

The incentive fund, which was obtained from the Ministry of Finance, refers to the Unqualified Status (WTP) obtained by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for three consecutive years.

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