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Smart living to attract IT talent to HK

Image Credits: HKSAR Government, Press Release

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation is developing a smart living initiative next to the Science Park that is the InnoCell project, which will provide local and overseas technology talent with suitable space for living and exchange, a press release noted.

InnoCell residents will live in fully furnished units that contain a work station, smart furniture, bathroom, kitchenettes, wall storage and custom cabinetry.

They will also be provided with other common facilities such as music and game rooms, a gym and laundry mart, as well as shared working space to facilitate their interaction and collaboration, creating an atmosphere favourable to the development of innovation and technology (I&T).

Attracting talent

The corporation’s Chief Project Development Officer said that Hong Kong’s innovation ecosystem is growing and that there is a great demand for the import of technology talent from overseas and the Mainland.

It was noted that the purpose of building the InnoCell is to attract those talents and help the companies at the Science Park to recruit talent from overseas and Mainland China.

There are four types of units in the 17-storey building which aims to provide around 500 residential units. The solo studio, twin studio and co-living studio are about 248 sq ft, while the suite, including accessible unit, is about 496 sq ft.

The proposed monthly rent for an InnoCell unit will be set at about 60% of the market rent of unfurnished property of similar quality in the nearby area. The rental level also takes into account the affordability of the applicants.

For the design of InnoCell, vibrant and smart features are being developed, including a variety of different layouts to attract different kinds of talents.

Advanced technology

The building is the first pilot project in Hong Kong to adopt Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology incorporating the concept of “factory assembly followed by the on-site installation”.

MiC provides an innovative solution to significantly speed up construction and improves productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. MiC is the most up-to-date method promoted by the Government.

The concept of MiC is to allow most of the work to be prefabricated in the factory, then to deliver it to the site and carry out the installation. This method will enhance productivity, quality and safety.

When compared with the traditional construction method, it will save about five to six months in construction time.

To further foster the development of the city’s I&T ecosystem, the Government supported the corporation to build the InnoCell. Construction started earlier this year and is slated for completion by the end of 2020.

Overseas firms making the most of welcoming HK environment

A US-based visual analytics software company seeks to help Hong Kong businesses capitalise on Greater Bay Area opportunities, according to a recent press release.

The visual analytics software company opened an office in Hong Kong recently. Their aim is to meet the growing analytics needs of local businesses and help them tap opportunities arising from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). The Hong Kong office will serve Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

It was noted that Hong Kong will be an important node in the development of the GBA, and the firm’s presence in the market demonstrates its commitment to help businesses here harness the value of data and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the GBA.

Hong Kong presents great opportunities as businesses are increasingly looking to utilise their data to navigate the era of disruption and manage its susceptibility to changes in the global economy.

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion noted that Hong Kong, as a leading business hub in the Asia Pacific region, has a fast-growing data-driven culture and the necessary infrastructure to support this trend.

The city also plays a leading role in the GBA development, providing an ideal place for global data analytics companies from which to extend their reach to the Bay Area and the region.

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