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Smart Nation boosts Alternative Energy Technology

Smart Nation boosts Alternative Energy Technology
Smart Nation boosts Alternative Energy Technology

In recent years ICT has experienced massive development advances. These advances are going to have a major impact on 
the way people in Singapore play, work and live their lives. To create more opportunities the Smart Nation Program aims to take more control over the data networks that support the people of Singapore. This will create a better life and provide more opportunities in supporting and creating stronger communities. This is part of the journey the entire country has been embarked on.

To create a smart nation the goal is to put the capabilities, ecosystems, policies and infrastructure in place so Singapore will reach its ambitions of being a smart nation. Encouragement has been offered to all citizens and organisations to be innovative in the development of solutions to facilitate this Smart Nation. The innovations that are being sought could be around travel and the daily transactions considering all lifelong requirements of the citizen that they support.

Some of these solutions are alternative energy technologies which has been boosted by the work under the Smart Nation Initiative are:

Solar Energy Panels
A great example is the use of alternative energy technology in Singapore's Changi Airport and their use of Solar energy. The Changi airport group has implemented the extensive use of natural lighting system in passenger areas in the airport, wherever it is possible in order to enhance the energy efficiency. There are solar shading devices and double glazed doors to enable the entry of natural light and minimise the heat that is gained from the sunlight. This innovative system has brought down the requirement of stronger air conditioning and artificial lighting systems. Solar panels have also been deployed in the airport, converting the sunlights energy into electricity for use around the airport.

Bio-diesel Fuel alternatives
Bio-diesel is an alternative form of energy that is increasingly being used in cars. This alternative form of energy can be blended with conventional diesel or used straight. The best part of this product is its compatibility with all the diesel engines in Singapore. Bio-diesel is either made from the residual animal fats, a blend of oils that are produced in the food industry or by using vegetable oil. Singapore has some biodiesel plants that produces diesel in a special manner that varies slightly from the regular production of bio-diesel. This special form of bio-diesel is tipped to bring down carbon emissions by about 40 to 80% depending on in what proportion it is blended with the conventional diesel.

Singapore has embarked on its journey to become a Smart Nation. It believes using alternative sources of energy releaving pressure on the the natural resources of the earth, but using a are not used up and there is a clean environment.

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