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South Australia delivers fast, reliable internet to public schools

The rollout of fast, reliable internet to all public schools in South Australia (SA) by the State Government has recently reached a major milestone as it passed the 100,000 student mark, with the connection of Norwood Primary School.

According to a recent press release, the Norwood Primary School will be using the increased speed and reliability to support the delivery of innovative lessons.

Government schools located at all points of the compass, including metropolitan Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge and Port Augusta, have been hooked up to fibre optic internet providing speeds up to 1000 times quicker than their previous connection.

The aim is that 507 school sites are set to be connected via a fibre optic network by mid-2020 while the four remaining sites will be using other solutions to deliver a high speed connection.

Benefits of fast and reliable internet

The students and teachers are looking forward to accessing a wider range of learning resources and support online.

Fast, reliable internet improves the access of teachers to the tools they need to deliver high quality education.

Additionally, it also means that the students will be able to tap into a wealth of learning resources that would otherwise be beyond their reach, with opportunities to connect with the world.

The Principal of Norwood Primary School Principal shared that high speed internet will bring many benefits to the school.

A fast, reliable internet connection helps them to access more learning resources and deliver lessons in interesting and engaging ways.

She added that their school has a really strong focus on STEM, with online coding, robotics and 3D printing all integrated into what they do.

Therefore, a connection that supports the use of digital technologies is great.

SA Premier Steven Marshall said that fast and reliable internet was vital to delivering the modern, world-class education that the students deserve.

According to him, high speed internet is increasingly central to modern learning.

About the initiative

By the middle of 2020, students at more than 500 schools will be connected, giving students and educators across the state the opportunity to connect, collaborate and create in ways like never before.

This landmark investment will also put faster, more reliable internet infrastructure within reach of more non-government schools, government agencies and small businesses across the state.

Education Minister John Gardner said the internet rollout project was on track to give schools across South Australia access to a new world of learning resources and opportunities.

Some schools, which have already been connected, have reported even more significant improvements to their internet connections than those promised.

It is estimated that some schools could experience internet speeds up to 1000 times faster than before.

The partnership between a telecommunications company and the Department of Education will benefit schools, teachers and students in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Moreover, it will lead to great outcomes for South Australia in the future.

The company’s State Manager SA and NT of shared that having access to technology and connectivity is essential in today’s society, particularly in education.

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