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Philippines’ Social Security System services to improve with digitalisation

In line with RA No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business Act, the Philippines’ Social Security System (SSS) had promised to streamline its core and business processes by accelerating digitalisation efforts.

RA No. 11032 applies to all government offices and agencies, including local government units (LGUs), government-owned or controlled corporations and other government instrumentalities, whether located in the Philippines or abroad, which provide services covering business and non-business related transactions.

Improving processes and services through digitalisation

According to a recent report, SSS President and CEO Aurora C. Ignacio said they are aiming to fast-track the full computerisation of the pension fund’s core and business processes under her term.

At present, several of the services provided by the Agency can now be made through different electronic and self-service facilities of the pension fund. These services include:

  1. Online application for SS number issuance
  2. Payment Reference Number (PRN) inquiry and generation
  3. Employment report submission
  4. Submission of contribution (R-3) and loan collection lists (ML-2)
  5. Salary loan application
  6. Certification of salary loan application
  7. Filing of maternity and sickness notification

These electronic and self-service channels of the SSS include the SSS web site, mobile application, self-service express terminals, interactive voice response system, and “Text-SSS.”

Apart from these member services, the SSS has also implemented the real-time posting of contributions (RTPC) program in 2018.

These allows for contribution payments to be posted immediately through the use of the PRN.

These online and electronic channels have provided an avenue for the members and pensioners to easily transact business with the Agency.

In addition, the Agency had reengineered their Ease of Doing Business guidelines to expedite and properly address the services needed by transacting members.

The Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary had recommended that the Agency utilise digitalisation in order to address inefficiency issues.

He advised the development of a system that will provide for a means to communicate with the clients by utilising modern technology.

This can be in the form of a mobile app for the smartphones, since a lot of Filipinos already own one.

The Secretary emphasised that if other countries are capable of doing it, then the Philippines should be able to do it too.

He reiterated that by doing so, they are not only reducing the costs. More importantly, they are able to expand the benefits of the clients, as they are claiming their own benefits.

Faster resolution of cases

Although several complaints have been received about the Agency, through Hotline 8888 and Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB), SSS showed data that 99.55% of the 6,609 cases have been resolved.

The remaining unresolved cases are being addressed and monitored.

The pension fund finds innovative ways to create programs that would make transactions faster and more convenient.

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