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Starting out, Scaling up and Going Global: Alibaba Cloud and E-Commerce for Businesses

The small business world is a burgeoning and diverse space. Broad funding opportunities and advancing digitization mean that there are an increasing range of entry points for individuals eager to start entrepreneurial pursuits.

It’s also a highly competitive landscape where half of all businesses fail after the first five years. So, how can you rise above the competition to futureproof your business? How do brands achieve the status of an established and recognized organization, with significant revenue, a large and loyal customer base, sales force, and brand position?

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow businesses. Whether a startup or an established corporation, Alibaba Cloud is adept at helping businesses of all sizes and across all industries to use their technology to a great advantage.

In this ebook, we will introduce a fictional business – Fitness Foods – and discuss how it succeeds in the competitive startup space; chart its journey as it moves into its next stage of growth, looking at the challenges this business faces, and how Alibaba Cloud can help it overcome.


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