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Support for Smart Places Tech Trials

Image Credits: The Smart Places Strategy, The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Website

Local councils and other place owners are encouraged to submit smart technology proposals via the Smart Places Acceleration Program to improve the built and natural environment across NSW. The region’s Minister for Digital and Customer Service stated that more than $40 million was still up for place owners wishing to deploy smart technology for the benefit of local residents, workers and visitors.

The Minister stated that the government has seen 75 ideas for smart place initiatives submitted, including using digital technology to improve curbside parking in Liverpool City Council, analysis of passenger connectivity along with the rail network and insights into water consumption to drive greater water efficiencies.

In the latest initiative to receive funding, the NSW Government will partner with Camden Council to deliver a dynamic 3D model of the entire area to assist local planners.

There’s been a surge in demand during the pandemic for technology solutions to everyday issues like contactless payment and checking in safely to venues via QR codes. Various place owners are being called up to come forward with ideas that improve the quality of life in local communities and beyond.

Whether local council, government agency, property owner or regional organisation, the Smart Places Acceleration Program is designed to support the deployment of smart places technology trials.

The program complements the Government’s Smart Places Strategy and Smart Infrastructure Policy. To successfully access funding, interested parties should be able to demonstrate that they can meet and apply the foundational requirement established through the Smart Places Strategy.

The Smart Places Strategy

Source: The Smart Places Strategy, The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Website

Digital transformation is not simply embracing new technology but about a change in thought and innovation methods. The vision for NSW is built on a commitment to world-class modern infrastructure, smart communities and technological innovation to improve the quality of life for communities across NSW.

Smart Places bring the physical and digital together, meaning citizens, businesses, partners and the public service workforce can go Beyond Digital from local streets and suburbs in our regional and metropolitan areas as well as our cities.

The Smart Places Strategy aligns with related initiatives from the Australian Government, local councils throughout NSW, as well as delivery partners in the private sector. The aim is to take a place-based approach to smart cities and connected infrastructure and services and realise the real value of smart places and interconnected systems.

Smart Places are where the physical and digital environments converge. They integrate technologies into the built environment to capture and convey data and insights. The embedded technology helps to capture information on the asset or local environment. The data is analysed to help people and governments to make better, evidence-based decisions about how to improve the productivity, liveability and resilience of cities, towns and communities.

The Smart Places Strategy responds to Recommendation 30 of Building Momentum: 2018 State Infrastructure Strategy, which recognises that successfully delivering Smart Places requires robust foundations, effective enablers and innovative programs.

Using these three ‘building blocks’, the Strategy informs decisions and actions by the NSW Government and empowers place owners across the State to implement ‘smart’ solutions for problems in their cities, towns and communities. The Strategy also positions the NSW Government to work collaboratively with local government, the Australian Government and private sector partners to harness the power of digital technologies and realise the substantial benefits being delivered by technological change.

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