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True Digital Park launches new academy

Image Credits: The Bangkok Post Online, News Article

True Digital Park announced the launch of a digital academy to boost digital skills among members of the public through cooperation with various global tech enterprises. Major global IT firms taking part in the academy include the world’s mightiest tech giants.

The President of True Digital Park stated that said the House of Digital Academy, which will serve as a digital learning centre, is projected to provide learning programmes for 200,000 people in the first year of operations and 700,000 people over the subsequent three years.

The Park is now paving the way to encourage Thais and particularly new generations to upgrade to the necessary level of digital literacy. True Digital Park, located in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong district, is operated by True Group to serve as a tech and start-up hub in ASEAN. The House of Digital Academy aims to help Thais advance and grow in their workplaces and business operations in the digital era.

Courses offered by the academy will be designed by tech partners that are well-versed in their respective fields of expertise, the President stated. Digital literacy is vital for workers in all sectors, particularly in the new economy, he added.

The academy would also be beneficial for new graduates, currently standing at about 500,000 a year. Many new graduates are finding it difficult to secure employment due to the economic climate.  Digital skills are also needed as many businesses and organisations are gearing up for digital transformation, he said.

The academy is expected to expand and it is estimated that it will cover an area totalling 45,000 square metres by 2022 to accommodate growing demand from trainees through its various digital literacy programmes.

This is another proud project under True Digital Park that combines the efforts from alliances of leading local and international tech companies that jointly aim to boost digital technology skills among the country’s workforce to meet the demands of the market.

Through the academy, the Thailand branch of a Chinese tech powerhouse will offer classes providing certification in the area of cloud system analysis. Moreover, an American networking hardware company will offer online Networking Academy courses to provide learners with relevant skills and knowledge in this area.

The Thailand branch of the world’s largest search engine and the tech giant is participating in the Saphan Digital Project, which aims to share knowledge through free online courses for small- and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organisations and members of the public. This project is in cooperation with the Commerce Ministry.

True Digital Park

OpenGov Asia previously reported that Southeast Asia’s start-up ecosystem has been booming over the last couple of years, being earmarked as one of the most attractive destinations for investors. Thailand, in particular, is a nascent market for entrepreneurship. The Thai government has been working to build the country’s tech ecosystem in recent years.

The National Innovation Agency, a government agency aimed at encouraging innovation, overhauled its financial support programme for start-ups to help move progress along quicker and allowing them to access THB44 billion in funding.

The agency’s main goal is to build 3,000 innovation-based start-ups in the next decade, to nurture the start-up ecosystem and generate growth. It also works in partnership with True Digital Park (TDPK), the country’s first and Southeast Asia’s largest digital innovation hub.

Based in Bangkok, the global start-up destination is a playground of sorts for innovation, providing space for work and daily living in an integrated community. Initiatives like these emphasise Thailand’s dedication to a digital transformation.

Thailand’s TDPK is where such digital transformations can find their genesis. With the amount of talent and investment that the park brings together, it provides crucial knowledge creation that is supportive of digital innovations. By positioning itself as a hub where innovation thrives and sprawls, TDPK empowers the region’s start-up ecosystem and boosts its potential exponentially.

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