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Updates to SingPass Mobile App to Enhance Citizen Experience

In an update on digital government services, the Government Technology Agency said: “By the third quarter of FY2019, the Government will launch SG-Verify, a facility for businesses to perform secure identity verification and data transfer through QR scanning.

SG-Verify will allow businesses to perform secure identity verification and data transfer by scanning a QR code with the SingPass mobile app. The SG-Verify service is expected to make customer acquisition easier for businesses, particularly in situations like registering to visit a hospital patient or making a purchase at a roadshow. It was also said that banks, other financial services companies, and charities could potentially benefit from the new service.

“This will provide businesses an alternative for visitor registration and access, customer acquisition at roadshows or any other use cases that require identification.” said GovTech’s senior director of the NDI, Mr Kwok Quek Sin

SG-Verify aims to make the exchange of data between customers and organisations easier by removing the need to fill out forms or input personal details. Instead, the data in an individual’s SingPass Mobile is retrieved. This makes it more convenient for the citizen, more efficient for government staff, and reduces the security risk of personal data being mishandled.

To use it, customers scan a QR code provided by the organisation on their SingPass Mobile app that will allow the organisation to retrieve the required data. The request for the data is approved by the Government, which generates the QR code and allows the organisation to draw what it needs.

The other platforms that will be developed are: Singapore Government Technology Stack, Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP), Moments of Life (MOL) and Adaptive Digital Workplace.

Smart Nation Sensor Platform
As part of the development of the SNSP, GovTech said the lamppost-as-a-platform trial will start in the third quarter of this year in one-north and Geylang. It will assess the efficiency of using these lampposts to provide connectivity to and power various kinds of sensors, and test different uses for different needs like security. These could include environmental sensors to monitor air quality and noise, cameras to detect and count personal mobility devices in public spaces.

Moments of Life
Also by the end of the year, an updated version of the Moments of Life app will be available and include new services catering to seniors. The app is a digital platform for services and information that is currently aimed at parents and caregivers of young children.

Introduced last June, it was meant to help parents avoid the hassle of going to different government agencies to complete forms and providing the same information repeatedly for services. The updated app will include relevant information and services that encourage seniors to lead active and engaged lives.

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