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Vietnam launches akaBot platform to digitally transform businesses

Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) launched the akaBot platform – corporate process automation – in Hanoi, earlier this week.

A press release said that the technology, akaBot is the FPT’s third make-in-Vietnam platform. It is among 33 other platforms selected by MIC to introduce and sponsor media in the “Friday of Technology” programme, to serve the National Digital Transformation Programme to 2025, with the vision to 2030, which was approved by the Prime Minister in June.

According to the development team, akaBot is a robotic process automation (RPA) solution for businesses with “virtual assistants” capable of simulating human manipulation, helping perform repetitive tasks in large numbers.

With the core technology of RPA, akaBot is capable of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to build comprehensive, non-invasive intelligent automation solutions, which can interact with all business software such as Word and Excel.

The two previous FPT platforms that were chosen were the FPT.AI and akaChain. All three platforms are in FPT’s ecosystem of digital transformation solutions to support businesses and organisations to increase productivity, save costs, and maximise resources to overcome crises and to keep growing.

The development and commercialisation of technology platforms including AkaBot, according to To Thi Thu Huong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology, is a big move for the FPT Corporation, from providing outsourcing services to creating and mastering core technologies and developing platform products for national digital transformation.

She said that the launch of technology platforms for digital transformation every Friday by MIC demonstrated the encouragement and support of the local technology business community to develop policies by the government and MIC, including the Make in Vietnam strategy.

At the launching ceremony, the Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology, Do Cong Anh, emphasised that the digital economy has been identified as one of the three pillars of the national digital transformation strategy, and digital transformation among businesses is also an important direction.

“I believe that akaBot solution will play a very strong role in digital transformation for businesses operating in the fields of finance, banking, logistics, and health,” he said. FPT began providing AkaBot in 2018. In the last two years, akaBot has been providing RPA solutions to more than 20 customers and strategic partners in Vietnam, the US, Japan, UK, South Korea, and Taiwan.

OpenGov Asia reported earlier on Vietnam’s Map4D, a mapping platform created by Vietnamese engineers. The technology is expected to play a role in expediting Vietnam’s digital transformation.

Developed by IoTLink, Map4D is available on the web as well as on smartphones and tablets, offering an interface similar to Google Maps. In addition to real-time navigation functions and weather updates, the service displays many well-known places of interest in Vietnam in the form of three-dimensional images.

Map4D can also be easily integrated across many fields such as e-commerce, tourism, construction, natural resources and environmental management, urban management, agriculture, and transport. Since the service is made entirely by Vietnamese engineers and its data is stored in Vietnam, it ensures a high degree of national security.

The introduction of Map4D is part of a series of events held by the ministry to promote local digital products aiming to realise the national digital transformation programme towards 2025.

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