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Vietnam organises cybersecurity training for Cuba

Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

According to a press release, Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications held an advanced cybersecurity training course in Havana, from 8 July to 13 July.

The course was set up in coordination with the Cuban Ministry of Communications within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in March 2018.

The release said the course is a specific task of Minister Nguyen Manh Hung’s commitment to supporting ICT capacity for Cuba. It was made official during the Cuban Minister of Communication’s visit to Vietnam on May 2019.

Experts from leading enterprises in Vietnam were course instructors. Participants in the training were representatives of management agencies, experts from ministries, departments, and businesses operating in Cuba’s cybersecurity space.

The Vietnamese instructors provided lectures and instructions on malware prevention, web attacks, guidance on how to build a national network security management centre, network security for telecom service providers as well as specific issues that Cuba is interested in.

In light of the growing number of cyberattacks, Cuba is attaching great importance to ensuring network security for government agencies and the Internet environment for people to serve economic development and social stability.

On this occasion, the two Ministries also organised the Business Forum on Network Security Development with the participation of two national security enterprises.

In the coming time, the information security field will be prioritised in cooperation by the two parties to improve the capacity of supporting development, consulting overall solutions, and cooperation between businesses.

As OpenGov reported, Vietnam and Cuba held talks to strengthen cooperation in information technologies, earlier in May.

According to a press release, Vietnam’s Minister appreciated the ties in ICT and telecommunications between the countries as well as the cooperation between the two ministries in recent years.

He spoke about the development of the telecommunications and IT industry of Vietnam as well as specific targets for 2019 and the following years.

During this trip, the Cuban delegation got a more comprehensive understanding of the actual situation of 4G network development in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s MIC shared management experience in network security, 4G development, and legal framework in the field of telecommunications and ICT. Businesses of both sides agreed to work towards specific cooperation in technologies.

Vietnam and Cuba have been collaborating on telecommunications and IT development for several years. Last year, the two countries signed an agreement to expand this cooperation to cover areas including the sharing of information on policies, legal frameworks, and vocational training.

Within the country, Vietnam is pushing for the development of communication technology adoption. The Ministry recently launched a forum to support technology businesses.

The event’s main objective was to support the Vietnamese technology business community and develop it into a driving force for economic breakthroughs; helping the country escape the medium-income gap and become a developed nation.

Up till now, digital-based commerce brought back about US $3.5 billion for Vietnam or 1.7% of its GDP and the figure is expected to reach US $42 billion by 2030. Companies, which play an important role in economic growth, cannot produce and advertise their products effectively. Hence, technology development must be one of the country’s top priority.

Vietnam’s ICT sector has around 50,000 enterprises with combined revenues of about US $100 billion. To increase this figure, the government plans to adopt a national digital transformation strategy for 2019.

The forum Make In Vietnam covered five zones under Industry 4.0: economics (finance, e-commerce); transport, construction and natural resources (environment); healthcare and tourism; agriculture; and number conversion.

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