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Vietnam, US Strengthen Cooperation in 5G

Vietnam US Cooperation in 5G Technology
Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

During a meeting held earlier this week in Hanoi, Vietnam’s Minister, Nguyen Manh Hung, and the Chairman of the US Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, exchanged views on the development of 5G technology.

They talked about the United States’ ‘5G Fast Plan’, which specifically focuses on network security. Vietnam’s 5G development plan, under which Vietnam will commercialise 5G by 2020 and has piloted 5G technology in several cities, was also discussed.

The US is willing to support Vietnam to develop 5G through activities such as sharing network security standards, supporting the evaluation of equipment, and training experts, etc.
Vietnam’s Minister and the Chairman of the US Communications Commission exchanged views on the development of 5G technology, during their meeting held in Hanoi

According to a press release, Vietnam is the most active country in ASEAN on 5G development with the organisation of a number of conferences and seminars, with participation from all ASEAN member countries.

The country is interested in producing 5G equipment and phones. The Minister proposed that the US share the criteria for evaluating 5G equipment.

Regarding cybersecurity, Vietnam’s Minister of Information and Communications (MIC) stated that cybersecurity is an issue for all countries in the world; countries need to cooperate, share experiences, and learn from each other to work together.

Concerning policies and legal regulations in the field of cybersecurity, he said Vietnam listens to the opinions of experts and businesses, especially international technology enterprises, as well as experiences of other countries to balance the relationship between development and network security.

The Chairman of the US Communications Commission appreciated Vietnam’s pioneering role in 5G development in the ASEAN region as well as its active participation in the protection policy concerning 5G devices, as stated in the Make in Vietnam strategy.

On the same day, at the headquarters of the MIC in Hanoi, there was a seminar between Vietnam and the United States to promote commercial investment in 5G.

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications and Chairman of the US Communications Commission co-chaired the seminar with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Information and Communications, the US State Department, the US Embassy in Vietnam, and Vietnamese and US ICT enterprises.

OpenGov reported earlier that Vietnamese experts and leading IT and telecom firms have discussed the possibility of co-operation in manufacturing 5G chipsets and network infrastructure devices. Tech firms are planning to produce chips for 5G core networks and IoT devices. They plan to research and develop mobile phones and 5G telecommunications devices.

Additionally, the MIC has licensed operators to start testing 5G technology in some major cities.

The Deputy Director-General of the telecom military-run group Viettel said it had been developing 5G technology and network infrastructure devices since 2015. This includes base-transceiver stations, core networks, and terminal equipment.

The group planned to complete manufacturing the first version of its 5G stations and network next year before it went into commercial operation in 2021.

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