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Vietnam uses electronic identification solutions to reduce fraud

Image credit: Nhan Dan

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) recently held a ceremony to promote the VNPT electric know your customer (eKYC) solution, which can detect abnormal features on ID cards and other personal documents.

It is part of a series of events aimed at introducing Vietnamese-made services in the nation’s national digital transformation until 2025 with a view to 2030. VNPT stated that among several other capabilities,  eKYC can spot fake IDs, validate documents, authenticate portraits, detect invalid papers, and identify customer video calls, thanks to a large Vietnamese-specific database and the high accuracy of its optical character recognition.

According to a news report, the company says that the solution can warn about ID cards that have been tampered with, helping to reduce risk, shorten check-in times, and enhance security in information validation. eKYC has been developed based on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and biometric recognition.

At the ceremony, the Director of the Authority of Information Technology Application, Nguyen Huy Dung, praised the solution as a passport for entering the digital world.

Ngo Dien Hy, the General Director of VNPT-IT, noted that eKYC can be applied in many sectors such as banking and insurance whilst noting that the identity verification might not be completely accurate but can significantly minimise fraud.

The country has been prioritising the development and implementation of industry 4.0 technologies, including 5G. Earlier this month, the military-run Viettel High Technology Industries Corporation and VinSmart Research and Manufacture Joint Stock Company signed a cooperation agreement to create a 5G gNodeB base station system at a ceremony in Hanoi.

The signing ceremony took place under the direction of MIC. The Viettel Group and VinGroup plan to research and develop 5G technologies to successfully commercialise 5G broadcast stations owned by Vietnamese people. Accordingly, VinSmart is responsible for developing and supplying an 8T8R radio unit (RU); an 8T8R antenna; and a Massive MIMO Radio 64T64R (integrated with both RU and Antenna); VHT research and development of signal processing equipment (CU-DU); 5G core network system; providing 5G service and new technologies such as Beamforming and Multi-User Massive Mimo, which also provides high-speed services to many users.

The two sides agreed to complete the set of specifications for 5G base station products and complete two laboratories for each side. In November, the two sides will make the first test call on the 3,600 – 3,800 MHz frequency band.

The goal of VHT and VinSmart is to successfully commercialise the 5G gNodeB 8T8R base station on 30 June 2021 and the 5G gNodeB 64T64R base station on 30 June 2022, these will be the first high-quality 5G broadcast stations that are jointly owned by two Vietnamese technology groups.

Addressing the event, Member of Party Central Committee and MIC’s Minister Nguyen Manh Hung, the Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee (PCC)’s Communication and Education Commission, asked VinGroup to focus on developing radio. Viettel will focus on signal processing, the core network, and integration into commercial products.

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