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WA’s Curtin University launches Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund

Western Australia’s Curtin University has launched an innovative new Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund.

According to a recent press release, this is designed by the University’s data scientists and will enable companies and individuals to donate cryptocurrency to fund PhD students in the areas of blockchain, cybersecurity and data analytics.

Utilising cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies remain volatile. However, the interest in the application of blockchain technology continues to grow.

Further work is required to identify and develop those applications that are best suited to the attributes of blockchain and the University is responding to this by establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Fund.

The Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will enable peer-to-peer payments from donors to Curtin University with both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As the fund develops, a series of projects that students can apply for will be announced, while significant donors of cryptocurrency will have named PhD Scholarships in their areas of interest.

According to the University’s Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Excellence Professor Garry Allison, the scholarship fund was a great opportunity for investors in cryptocurrencies to help nurture a new crop of PhD graduates to further develop these new technologies.

The University will provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs who have realised significant benefits from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to give something back to these communities by establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund.

Moreover, the fund would build on the University’s existing strong capabilities in the area of data science.

These capabilities were developed through involvement in major projects such as the Square Kilometre Array and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, as well as collaborations with industry.

Project partners

One of the project partners will also make its Web 3.0 platform and developer toolkits available for students and researchers.

This will enable the Curtin community to use real-world software to build decentralised applications that leverage the latest technology, like Industry 4.0.

The company’s Group General Manager explained that the fund would have a significant impact on both workforces and blockchain research.

As cutting edge technology like Web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 rapidly evolves, the agreement with the University will ensure that graduates are able to use up-to-the-minute skills to contribute to a future which focuses on digital equality and putting consumers back in control of their data.

These graduates will not just research technology, but they will also contribute positively to building a more equitable digital economy.

The University is working with another project partner, a payment platform provider in order to offer a seamless experience to those contributing to the fund.

The company’s Managing Director expressed his excitement in partnering to deliver blockchain specific applications.

He shared that the University continues to be a lead innovator in higher education and they are looking forward to accepting cryptocurrency through their payments platform to support this research initiative.

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