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10 Rumah Aman and PeduliLindungi apps help users stay safe in Indonesia

Indonesia has taken a number of steps to anticipate and prevent the spread of corona. The government continues to encourage people to promote personal hygiene, conduct physical distancing and exercise discretion in movement.

The efforts made by the government to cut the spread of the corona virus in Indonesia has given rise to various digital developments.

A number of innovations in the field of technology have been developed cooperatively with the government and private sector.

After previously launching the Care and Protection application which is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, the National Disaster Management Agency and telecommunications operators, the government has released new a new app to combat COVID-19.

Named 10 Safe Houses, the application is designed to monitor the spread of the corona virus in the home environment and on a community-based basis.

The 10 Safe Houses application also provides various features related to corona virus prevention and handling that can be done at the general public level.

According to officials, the community-based approach used by the Government in fighting COVID-19 through 10 Safe Houses is very simple.

The Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate said, 10 Safe Houses is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

AI technology connects map-based data and the surrounding environment through mobile telephone devices and is connected to social media platforms.

“The 10 Safe Houses application optimizes Artificial Intelligence technology   to help people independently examine using AI-based diagnostic tools and view maps to avoid exposure to Covid-19,” he explained in a teleconference from a residence in South Jakarta.

Through the application of 10 Safe Houses, users can measure their own body temperature and examine their health independently.

The app can also be used to monitor areas or communities that have the potential to spread COVID-19 based on body temperature.

The 10 Safe Houses app has been linked with several online shops to help people procure their essential daily needs and pharmaceutical prescriptions more easily and safely

In addition to being connected to the relevant ministries, the app has been integrated with other health applications such as Caring Protect, Chatbot Covid19.go.id, Halodoc, Alodokter, KlikDokter, Good Doctor, Friends of Doctors, Sehatpedia, and SehatQ.

In contrast, the PeduliLindungi (Care and Protect) app has the ability to detect movement of confirmed cases of COVID-19 with users of the app within a 2-5 meter radius. This app is also able to trace the history and interactions of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The application connects to other phones nearby using the app. While the app is running, the phone periodically issues small, unique, and anonymous codes, originating from the phone’s unique ID.

Other phones within Bluetooth range will receive and record the code, including when it was received. When a user of the application tests positive for the coronavirus, they can choose to send their ID code to the central database.

This specialized system uses a version of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon system that has been in place for years, modified to carry out a two-way code exchange between mobile phones.

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