Silent security is key to e-commerce experience

Silent security involves using solutions that grant access to application functions and data depending on the identity, location, and device used, to access the app from. Online businesses need to have adequate cybersecurity controls in place, or risk loss of revenue, and damage to reputation.

Cloud and AI for better mental health services

Victoria’s Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services has co-developed and deployed a variety of services and tools to improve the delivery and access of patient services. Overall, the quality of mental health services in Australia are expected to rise.

Centre of Excellence for IoT set up in Gurugram

NASSCOM will work with the industry and the government to accelerate innovation and enable industry-oriented research. It will promote the adoption of data-driven decision making by enterprises and enable appropriate skills and talent development.

Touring Macquarie Island possible through VR

Macquarie Island is located halfway from Tasmania to Antarctica and takes three days to reach by boat from Hobart. VR allows the public to get a real insight into a place that very few people get the opportunity to see. The interactive will help users see the island from various vantage points.

Region-wide approach for Asia to harness Fintech

Rapidly spreading new financial technologies hold huge promise for financial inclusion. Understanding and managing the impact of technology in the financial systems is vital for policymakers to maintain financial stability. An enabling environment must be fostered for the technologies to flourish.

AI powered career planning app

Choice can be a problem. With too many options to choose from, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The launch of the career planning app, NUS career+, aims to help students prepare for their dream jobs.