CUHK Develops 3D Soft Architected Materials

A team led by CUHK’s Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering has developed a ferromagnetic silicone elastomer with 3D deformability and is expected to expand applications of morphable soft materials.

New Regional Manufacturing Hub Launched in Malaysia

The facility comprises a double-storey manufacturing plant with raw material warehouse, an automated finished goods warehouse, a distribution centre, an Innovation Centre as well as a six-storey administration block.

India: Incentives to Boost Digital Health Transactions

Eligible health facilities and digital solutions companies can earn financial incentives of up to INR 40 million based on the number of digital health records they create and link to Ayushman Bharat Health Accounts.

China Moves Up Worldwide Robot-Density Ranking

The enormous investment and development of the robot industries have boosted China into the world’s top five most automated manufacturing countries after South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Germany.

3D Imaging Helps in Evolutionary Research

A team of researchers at Curtin University used CT scanning and 3D modelling to study the growth of pelvic fins in fish embryos to develop a better understanding these fins changed over evolutionary history.

Indonesia to Accelerate Equitable Internet Access

The acceleration efforts are reflected in the development of telecommunication infrastructure in remote areas using government grants that aim to provide equal access to all communities in the nation.