Boosting Green Hydrogen Production with Sound Waves

Using high-frequency vibrations to “divide and conquer” individual water molecules during electrolysis, engineers managed to split the water molecules to release 14 times more hydrogen compared with standard electrolysis techniques.

Building Cybersecurity Capability in the Philippines

The scarcity of cybersecurity expertise has prompted the Philippines government to develop short and long-term courses and scholarships to rapidly build up the capacity of certificated professionals in the country.

InvestHK Unveils FinTechHK Community Platform

InvestHK recently announced the soft launch of a centralised fintech platform to connect local and global fintech companies with Corporate, Investor, and Service Champions to foster the growth of Hong Kong’s fintech ecosystem.

Thailand Develops Framework for National Digital ID

The framework will help promote integration and collaboration among all sectors for Digital ID implementation and the country aims to simplify one Digital ID identity for seamless access to multiple digital services.

Building Thailand’s Cyber Resilience

The online cyber threat literacy workshop is part of Thailand’s continuous effort against the rise of online financial threats and scams after the country ETDA reported an increase in cyber crime in 2022

U.S. Develops New Tool to Design Faster Chips

The joint endeavour aims to speed up the designing of faster new photonic and electric chips for high-speed performance and are a critical component for telecommunication and other advanced technologies.