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AI’s Promising Future in Vietnam

In the last few years, technological giants in Vietnam have poured their resources into developing artificial intelligence technology (AI) in both manufacturing and trading activities as well as the digital transformation process. Their decisions have reaped impressive results, especially when dealing with difficulties arisen in the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent press release.

Experts of the field explained that AI technology application in Vietnam is predicted to witness a significant rise to serve socio-economic growth purposes. Therefore, it is essential to have precise and practical guidance for this development.

The release said that as the economic growth rate in Vietnam seemingly sees a slow-down, AI with its useful implementations in diverse fields might become the promising driving force to boost this rate, not to mention its tremendous values in education, healthcare, and legislation.

Due to the exceptional usefulness of AI to a country, there is now a strong need to develop capable AI human resources to better exploit this technology to serve the community, businesses. AI-related morality values should also be considered in any national AI strategy, stated Tran Minh Tuan from the National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy, under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

He proposed certain points in the national AI development guidance, including promoting the advantage of political stability, prioritising investments in AI human resources development, and exploiting the advantage of being near one of the globally largest AI markets, overcoming the limitation of the small domestic AI market.

In the field of telecommunications, Viettel and VNPT – two of the three major domestic telecoms businesses in Vietnam – have poured a large volume of capital into AI in their telecoms network operation and management, especially in the aspect of filtering spam messages and calls and customer services. Both corporations have used AI in developing systems and platforms for a smart urban area (intelligent operation centres, security, and identity solutions), which are now applied nationwide.

Vingroup has displayed its interest in AI research and has introduced practical products like face recognition technology even with facemasks, becoming one of the first in the world to introduce this technology. At the moment, Vingroup’s Big Data research centre is piloting AI VinDr – an AI-integrated solution to analyse medical images – in the main hospitals of Vietnam in hope of delivering a more objective diagnosis result for the best treatment.

The introduction of AI View – a security monitoring camera – by Bkav Corp., in partnership with the US’s Qualcomm, has marked the success of Vietnam as one of the first in the world to integrate AI into a security camera. Bkav Corp. also improves its most famous product – Bkav Antivirus 2020 – with the use of AI to detect millions of kinds of malware without the need to update any identity model and thus increasing the ability to protect an IT system.

With similar success in AI integration is FPT.AI – a platform to help businesses automate their daily operations and customer care services, by FPT Corp. Using the model of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), FPT.AI greatly reduces the initial cost and installation time of an enterprise while still ensuring smooth operation anywhere anytime.

The FPT.AI ecosystem, meanwhile, offers AI-related products and services like FPT.AI Conversation a chatbot, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Centres, FPT.AI Vision, and FPT.AI eKYC a smart solution for the online extraction of clients’ image and information. Also, FPT.AI Speech, a comprehensive solution for speech recognition.

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