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CCTV projects to contribute to growth of Hyderabad as a global, smart and safe city

CCTV projects to contribute to growth of Hyderabad as a global

The Cyberabad Police just announced several new projects that would deploy extensive closed circuit television (CCTV) protection throughout the police stations and in the wider community. Within Hyderabad limits, more than 90,000 community cameras by residential colony welfare associations, will be installed. Plus, another 10,000 CCTV cameras by the police department will be added. These CCTV projects are working towards Hyderabad’s development as a global, smart and safe city.

The need for wider CCTV use comes from the current public safety ecosystem of Cyberabad. "The Cyberabad limit is spread over 3,600 sq km. Police officers are finding it difficult to attend crime monitoring or other meetings at the commissionerate office in Gachibowli… As of now, we depend on wireless and cellphone conferences with the station house officers to save time," Mr. Anand states.

Recently, Cyberabad Police just pushed through authorization for mandatory CCTV installation for hostels in the region. Through this mandate, hostels will have to adhere to 14 guidelines set by the Cyberabad Police. This effort is part of a campaign ‘Project Safe Stay’, which aims to improve safety and security in the community.

Greater demand for CCTV surveillance in police stations comes after growing complaints of custodial deaths and ill-treatment of suspects. It is agreed that installation of cameras will protect suspects from these sorts of incidents.  

"Senior police officers in the commissionerate, deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners can monitor happenings in the police stations at any time. This will also bring in efficiency and transparency in the police stations," Cyberabad police commissioner CV Anand said in a statement to the press.

Within the next few months, the Cyberabad Police plans to:

·        Install 450 cameras in 50 police stations, offices of five deputy commissioners of police and 11 assistant commissioners of police

·        Place 328 dome cameras inside police stations and lock-ups and 122 bullet cameras outside the stations

·        Create ‘Centre for Good Governance’ which will be tasked with the calling of bids

·        Cover GHMC limits with more than 90,000 community cameras and 10,000 police CCTV cameras

Cyberabad is soon to become the first law and order authority in the state to access complete CCTV coverage throughout all police stations. With these CCTV cameras put in place over the next few months, Hyderabad is going to provide better protection to its citizens, while also ensuring that the police can do their job right.

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