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CSA Launches Toolkits to Strengthen Business Cyber Resilience in Singapore

As Singapore builds up its digital economy and more businesses go digital in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber threats such as ransomware and supply chain attacks continue to remain major concerns. Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and larger enterprises could also be susceptible to the downstream ramifications of supply chain attacks.

The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) has launched a series of tool kits for enterprises, which provide guidance on cybersecurity issues tailored for senior business leaders, owners SMEs, as well as employees. The new toolkits help to simplify cybersecurity and enable businesses to make more informed trade-offs between security, system usability and cost.

The toolkit for enterprise leaders and SME owners will focus on the business reasons for business leaders and SME owners to invest in cybersecurity, such as rationalising investment in cybersecurity, and how fostering a culture of cybersecurity would enable enterprises to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Although 80 per cent of Singapore SMEs embrace digital transformation and have digital transformation in place, cybersecurity has been the key reason for small enterprises not digitalising. Topics include the cultivation of cybersecurity leadership and guidance for employee cybersecurity education.

The cybersecurity toolkit for employees is intended for enterprises to “plug and play” as an employee programme for raising awareness and conducting cybersecurity training. The content addresses the most common cyber threats faced by employees such as phishing, as well as weak cybersecurity practices such as using compromised and weak passwords. It will also encourage employees to learn about cybersecurity to stay cyber safe at work as well as in their private life. This is crucial as employees are the first line of defence and key to any enterprise’s cybersecurity.

Partnering Industry to Increase Cybersecurity Awareness

Beyond toolkits, CSA will also partner with the industry to further drive cybersecurity awareness to local businesses, individuals and the wider community. CSA launched a new partnership programme that aims to equip businesses and enterprises with tools and information to strengthen their cybersecurity.

Under the new SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme, enterprises will help to develop training content, products and services, or community outreach programmes to raise awareness and encourage the adoption of good cybersecurity practices by businesses and the public.

Cybersecurity is a collective responsibility that requires the government and the industry to work closely together. Private-public collaboration is a key to ensuring that businesses stay cyber-secure. We welcome other industry partners who are keen to work with CSA to drive cybersecurity awareness, shift attitudes and encourage adoption amongst enterprises in their digitalisation journeys.

– Tan Kiat How, Minister of State for Communications and Information

The programme is one of the major initiatives under the Safer Cyberspace Masterplan, which was launched last year. The master plan was developed in consultation with the cybersecurity industry and academia, to raise the general level of cybersecurity in Singapore for individuals, communities, enterprises, and organisations. Key areas of focus include securing Singapore’s core digital infrastructure, safeguarding cyberspace activities and empowering a cyber-savvy population.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, The Singapore government and industry partners are developing a new mobile tool to help Singaporeans protect their smartphones from cyber-security threats. The initiative becomes more pertinent as people become more reliant on smart devices that cybercriminals can easily target. As more people and businesses go digital, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it exposes them to more cyber threats.

The tool is one of the initiatives outlined in Singapore’s new cyber-security strategy, which the Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security announced. As the cyber landscape has evolved significantly over the last five years, the new strategy updates and expands on the first one launched by Singapore’s Prime Minister in 2016. The Government will support enterprises by making cyber-security resources available – from free self-help tools to cost-effective solutions provided in partnership with the cyber-security industry.

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